4 Tips for a Fall Wedding

San Jose Catering Company Offers the Best Tips for Autumn Weddings

Fall foliage provides a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos. Also, extreme temperatures and humidity will not be an issue, which is something you will appreciate if you’re holding an outdoor wedding. Our San Jose wedding catering company offers the top four tips for a perfect fall wedding...

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Express Your Unique Style with Bay Area Wedding Catering

Top Food Trends Seen in Wedding Catering The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for setting trends in style and food. As wedding caterers watch as knots are tied from San Jose to San Francisco the only constant is unique selection of food and beverages. As you plan your own, uniquely you, wedding catering we hope that you'll be inspired by some of the trends we see emerging. Recognize what you love, make your day personal, and plan a memorable feast for your friends and family.  Comfort Foods Showcase your favorite food and drinks at the reception. It doesn’t matter what meals you and your fiancé enjoy; a great wedding caterer should be able to find creative ways to add style to the presentation. For instance: Serve burgers and fries wrapped in monogrammed napkins. Give your guests the perfect bite of a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup shooter. Skewer a meatball, add a little spaghetti and dipping sauce, and your guests will love it. Serve drinks that you enjoy, or create a signature drink for your big day. Eat and Drink Local Create a menu using local seasonal foods. Your guests will love...

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Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Handy Catering Tips for Planning Alcohol for Your Wedding

Stocking the Bar for a Bay Area Catering Event When you're planning an event knowing your family, friends, and other guests helps provide some ideas about how much they're likely to drink and what sorts of drinks are going to be popular. But there is more to planning drinks for wedding catering than choosing wine, beer and spirits if you want the event to be original, tasteful, and fun for everyone. 1. Talk to your Bay Area caterers. Depending on where your wedding will be as well as the level of sophistication of the drinks you want to provide, your Bay Area caterers may be able to provide alcohol directly; or you may have to purchase it from the venue or even bring it in yourself. No matter what your plan, getting details straight with service staff and deciding whether you will require a dedicated bar keep will help ensure that great drinks are readily available to your guests. 2. Decide when and how you will serve alcohol. Will you serve alcohol throughout your reception or only during certain hours? Will you provide free liquor all night long, or will your guests pay for drinks? Will your catering company operate a bar in the corner of the...

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Which of the Top 3 Wedding Catering Styles is Right for Your Reception?

Bay Area Wedding Caterers Weigh Pros and Cons of Wedding Reception Serving Styles Your wedding should be the most special day of your life – or at least in the top 20 or so! Needless to say, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and you’d like for the gossip about your event to be as positive as possible. Use the information below to determine the best Bay Area wedding catering style for your big day. 1. Buffets Most wedding caterers offer a range of buffet options, which give guests the freedom to choose which foods they will eat and in what quantity. However, guests will need to wait in line and serve themselves, which is typically not great for a formal setting. This style is great for your budget and for those looking for a fairly casual reception atmosphere and frees guests up to dance and mingle more readily than a plated dinner does. 2. Food Stations Different types of food will be spread around the room, and guests can visit different stations throughout the night. This style of catering reduces wait times and provides guests with more freedom. You can also feature cultural dishes that mean...

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Best Event Catering Bay Area

How to Cater for Large Crowds

Festival and Corporate Catering Just because you’re planning a crowded Bay Area affair doesn't mean you must serve up a “blah” buffet or one-size-fits-all plated meals. There are plenty of fun, creative ways to cater for large crowds. Here are a few of the best event catering styles: Take a page from street festivals to introduce a scrumptious, exotic variety of foods. For instance, you could set up different booths, each one featuring cuisines from other countries. You could even intersperse these stands with activities for kids. Serve communal meals at giant banquet tables to provide a sense of belonging and warmth. Inject some soul into a large corporate event or family gathering. Use lazy Susans with centerpieces to share plates. This is a great idea for bringing employees together at corporate catering events. Deploy the food trucks! The secret is out; food trucks are no longer just for hipsters. Hire a few different trucks to come and park for the duration of the party. Our mobile kitchen not only guarantees your food will be hot and fresh, it’s a great conversation piece and a spectacle to watch! Set...

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Questions to Ask Your Bay Area Wedding Caterer

Tips From Bay Area Event Caterers For many brides, wedding planning represents an exhilarating and stressful time. When putting together a wedding in Silicon Valley, finding the best catering for your budget is one of the best ways to ensure an enjoyable wedding.   As you search for wedding catering in the Bay Area, ask potential vendors the following questions:   1.   When are you available? Reaching out to a caterer as early as possible gives brides the best chance of securing that caterer for their date.   2.   What are your rates? Find out not only how much a caterer charges per plate, but also what additional charges may apply.   3.   May I see a menu? Peruse the caterer’s seasonal and year-round options to decide which ones work best for your event.   4.   When can I schedule a tasting session? Tasting the food beforehand is the best way to ensure your wedding menu will be as scrumptious as you hope.   5.   What importance do you place on presentation? Make sure you and the caterer are on the same page aesthetically when it comes to plating and presentation. Contact The Bay Area's Best Wedding Caterers! Are you ready to begin the process of planning the most exciting...

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