Questions to Ask Your Bay Area Wedding Caterer

Tips From Bay Area Event Caterers

For many brides, wedding planning represents an exhilarating and stressful time. When putting together a wedding in Silicon Valley, finding the best catering for your budget is one of the best ways to ensure an enjoyable wedding.


As you search for wedding catering in the Bay Area, ask potential vendors the following questions:


wedding catering bay area1.   When are you available? Reaching out to a caterer as early as possible gives brides the best chance of securing that caterer for their date.


2.   What are your rates? Find out not only how much a caterer charges per plate, but also what additional charges may apply.


3.   May I see a menu? Peruse the caterer’s seasonal and year-round options to decide which ones work best for your event.


4.   When can I schedule a tasting session? Tasting the food beforehand is the best way to ensure your wedding menu will be as scrumptious as you hope.


5.   What importance do you place on presentation? Make sure you and the caterer are on the same page aesthetically when it comes to plating and presentation.

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