4 Tips for a Fall Wedding

San Jose Catering Company Offers the Best Tips for Autumn Weddings

Fall foliage provides a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos. Also, extreme temperatures and humidity will not be an issue, which is something you will appreciate if you’re holding an outdoor wedding. Our San Jose wedding catering company offers the top four tips for a perfect fall wedding...

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Wedding Catering Frequently Asked Questions

9 FAQs for Bay Area Wedding Catering

Guests at your wedding may forgive a DJ stuck in the '80s, or forget what you had for centerpieces, but you won't get away with below par catering services. It’s essential that you pick a San Jose event catering service provider who will work within your budget to provide outstanding food and service. We’ve put together some of the most pertinent questions you should absolutely ask your potential caterer.
1. When should I reserve my wedding catering services?
Ideally, you should reserve your caterer 4-12 months prior to your wedding date. You will need to book your caterer earlier if your wedding is scheduled to take place during the summer or December as these times of year book-up quickly....

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Handheld Catering is Hiring!

Searching for Experienced Catering Drivers and Servers in San Jose, CA

Handheld Catering is searching for driven individuals with serving and/or delivery experience to assist with catering delivery, set-up and serving for San Jose area catering jobs.

About Us:

Handheld Catering is a San Jose based full-service catering and event planning company that offers fresh, high-quality, and (most importantly) delicious food to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The name Handheld Catering embodies our philosophy on food. We believe the food we eat should be plucked from the earth by the hands of farmers, hand-checked for quality by purveyors, and lovingly prepared into something unforgettable by the hands of the chef. That’s why at Handheld Catering we follow the Farm-to-Fork approach for our San Jose catering clients....

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2019 Wedding Food Trends Everyone Will Love

Our San Jose Catering Team Talks Wedding Catering Trends for This Year

Planning to walk down the aisle soon? Wedding fare has changed a lot since last year, so check out some of the latest and greatest trends that are currently a hit at weddings, receptions, and venues widely. Talk to your San Jose wedding catering team about 2019 wedding food trends and menu options for your big day: It’s All About the Sweets Create something magical for your desserts and sweets station. It is very 2019 to go all out with sweet treats using inventive ideas and contemporary presentation concepts. Consider opting for a custom s’mores bar!...

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What to Look for in a Wedding Caterer

Choosing a wedding caterer in the Bay Area is not a task taken lightly. When planning for a wedding, who you choose as a caterer can affect how smoothly the refreshments go and (just as important) how delicious they taste. Here are a few of the qualities a good wedding caterer should have, for you to keep in mind. Is the caterer licensed? Are they experienced in catering weddings? Ask if the caterer is licensed. This means that they have met your local department health standards and also carry liability insurance. Also, make sure this isn't the caterer's first rodeo (or, in this case, wedding) before deciding to sign them on. Are their ingredients fresh, not frozen? Knowing where the caterer gets their ingredients can tell a lot about the food quality and the company itself. The more fresh and local the ingredients, the better. Additionally, ask if they are comfortable preparing the type of food you want for the reception. Find someone who shares your same taste in food to prevent misunderstandings or mishaps. Do they function well under stress or in unexpected circumstances? Can they handle things going wrong or at least not as planned? Make sure you hire a caterer with a cool...

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Express Your Unique Style with Bay Area Wedding Catering

Top Food Trends Seen in Wedding Catering The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for setting trends in style and food. As wedding caterers watch as knots are tied from San Jose to San Francisco the only constant is unique selection of food and beverages. As you plan your own, uniquely you, wedding catering we hope that you'll be inspired by some of the trends we see emerging. Recognize what you love, make your day personal, and plan a memorable feast for your friends and family.  Comfort Foods Showcase your favorite food and drinks at the reception. It doesn’t matter what meals you and your fiancé enjoy; a great wedding caterer should be able to find creative ways to add style to the presentation. For instance: Serve burgers and fries wrapped in monogrammed napkins. Give your guests the perfect bite of a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup shooter. Skewer a meatball, add a little spaghetti and dipping sauce, and your guests will love it. Serve drinks that you enjoy, or create a signature drink for your big day. Eat and Drink Local Create a menu using local seasonal foods. Your guests will love...

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What Does ‘Farm-to-Table’ Really Mean?

Farm-to-Table Food Doesn't Necessarily Mean Organic or Non-GMO Over the past decade, thanks to books like Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories and documentaries like Food Inc. and That Sugar Film, more and more consumers have begun to question where and how their food is grown. In response, the food, event catering and restaurant industries are rushing to evolve to meet this need for “real food” which has come to include farm to table, organic food, and foods free of genetically modified ingredients. The so-called Farm-to-Table movement began with the goal of eliminating as many steps as possible between the farmer and the consumer. However, there are two distinct views as to what Farm-to-Table actually means. Traditional Farm to Table This is the most literal definition of the term. Caterers and restaurants who offer traditional Farm-to-Table meals will: Purchase food that is locally grown, often within a set radius such as 100 or 200 miles. Change their menus with the seasons, since only seasonally available produce is used. Use organic foods as much as possible. (This depends on the chef.) Many of the best catering businesses and restaurants follow this practice. Pragmatic Farm to Table Other chefs are less...

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Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Handy Catering Tips for Planning Alcohol for Your Wedding

Stocking the Bar for a Bay Area Catering Event When you're planning an event knowing your family, friends, and other guests helps provide some ideas about how much they're likely to drink and what sorts of drinks are going to be popular. But there is more to planning drinks for wedding catering than choosing wine, beer and spirits if you want the event to be original, tasteful, and fun for everyone. 1. Talk to your Bay Area caterers. Depending on where your wedding will be as well as the level of sophistication of the drinks you want to provide, your Bay Area caterers may be able to provide alcohol directly; or you may have to purchase it from the venue or even bring it in yourself. No matter what your plan, getting details straight with service staff and deciding whether you will require a dedicated bar keep will help ensure that great drinks are readily available to your guests. 2. Decide when and how you will serve alcohol. Will you serve alcohol throughout your reception or only during certain hours? Will you provide free liquor all night long, or will your guests pay for drinks? Will your catering company operate a bar in the corner of the...

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Which of the Top 3 Wedding Catering Styles is Right for Your Reception?

Bay Area Wedding Caterers Weigh Pros and Cons of Wedding Reception Serving Styles Your wedding should be the most special day of your life – or at least in the top 20 or so! Needless to say, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and you’d like for the gossip about your event to be as positive as possible. Use the information below to determine the best Bay Area wedding catering style for your big day. 1. Buffets Most wedding caterers offer a range of buffet options, which give guests the freedom to choose which foods they will eat and in what quantity. However, guests will need to wait in line and serve themselves, which is typically not great for a formal setting. This style is great for your budget and for those looking for a fairly casual reception atmosphere and frees guests up to dance and mingle more readily than a plated dinner does. 2. Food Stations Different types of food will be spread around the room, and guests can visit different stations throughout the night. This style of catering reduces wait times and provides guests with more freedom. You can also feature cultural dishes that mean...

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Halloween Event Catering Not Just for Kids

Halloween Corporate Catering Event or A Themed Party at Your Home Kids aren't the only ones who enjoy a good Halloween party. Whether you’re hosting an office costume contest or a themed party at home for friends, you can always add items to the menu tailored specifically to your adult guests. As you plan your party, we hope you can use some of these ideas to plan an event that your guests will remember. Themes tie everything together. Choose a theme for your party – such as Spooky Spidery Stuff, Back to The 1980’s, or Attractive Zombies in Love -- and use it to plan decor, music and food. If you’re working with an event catering company, be sure to clue them in on your theme, so they can prepare the right dishes. (Vodka-spiked peeled grape “eyeballs,” anyone?) Offer a variety of choices to please everyone. If you expect guests of all ages, vary your menu to suit everybody. Most private and corporate catering companies offer some kid-friendly options, such as chicken tenders, along with other choices designed for a more mature palate (e.g. the aforementioned vodka-spiked grape eyeballs or a vampire inspired blood-like beverage). Also...

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