Is a Wedding Menu Tasting a Good Idea? 3 Questions to Ask

Creating a wedding menu with your caterer is one aspect of wedding planning that is a lot of fun. Exploring dishes and flavor combinations is exciting, and you get a chance to get to know your caterer better. One great way to add even more fun? Schedule a menu tasting! Did you know this is an option that many caterers offer? We certainly offer them. Ask about it!

Here are some tips for preparing for a wedding menu tasting to get the most out of the meeting.

What Is a Wedding Menu Tasting?

No mystery here: A wedding menu tasting is a chance to taste the menu you are planning for your wedding. When selecting a catering company for your wedding reception, you want to choose one whose food is delicious, of course. But you also should choose a caterer who will work well with you and accommodate your needs and preferences, has a presentation style you like, and who meets your desired service level.

As a Bay Area catering service, we cater to quite a wide range of cuisines, so holding a tasting gives us a chance to sit with our couple and experience the menu they have selected. If you’re still in the planning mode of selecting a caterer, the availability of a tasting session can help you decide with whom to work. A tasting menu lets you understand ahead of time how the flavors of your menu work together at the wedding.

Should You Schedule a Menu Tasting?

A tasting menu is for you, not the caterer. If you’re familiar with the caterer and know what you want on your menu, you may decide to skip the tasting session. If you trust your wedding caterers and you have a thousand other details to handle, you don’t need to squeeze in a tasting. It’s up to you.

What to Expect at a Tasting

Wedding tasting formats vary, so find how your prospective caterer handles their tastings. Some caterers hold a big buffet with a range of menu items for you to try. Generally speaking, this type of group tasting includes a lot of couples who are getting ready for their big day. Some San Jose caterers, like us, take a more personal approach, customizing a tasting to each couple. The caterer walks you through each course, taking notes about your preferences and feedback.
Handheld Catering does not run group tastings, but our Executive Chef is happy to schedule private tasting sessions. Please visit our FAQ page for more details.

How Should You Prepare For a Wedding Tasting?

Start by asking your caterer about their wedding menu tasting process. If you hold multiple tastings how much will that add to your budget? Don’t ask to try everything. Study the menu and limit the items to those you’re really interested in. Maybe two to three each of appetizers, salads, and desserts. Three to four entrees max. Think about your own preferences and your guests. Don’t bring a lot of people to the tasting. Just you, your fiancé and one or two others.

Get to Know Your Caterer and Your Menu with a Tasting

Most wedding caterers do offer menu tastings, and as we noted above it is a great way to try the recommended menu and deepen the relationship with your caterer. But you will need to decide if it’s important to you. Wedding planning is full of details and deadlines. Be sure adding a tasting is a useful way to spend your precious time!

When you are ready, contact Handheld Catering and Events to discuss your wedding menu and to ask about a tasting with us!