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Handheld Catering has been providing catering services to the Bay area and Palo Alto for many years. Palo Alto with its vibrant downtown defines Palo Alto’s unique character. A charming mixture of old and new. The tree-lined streets and historic buildings reflect its California heritage. A unique town deserves a unique caterer. We believe in fresh foods. We believe that we should eat foods that are plucked from the earth by a farmer’s hand, hand checked by our chefs for quality, then cooked to perfection  for your special event. We specialize in sourcing locally grown foods for the best flavor.

Since Palo Alto is home to some of the best restaurants in the Bay Area we set the bar really high for our Palo Alto catering business.

delicious fish catering menu item
What does this mean for you?
  • All details are taken care of for a worry free event
  • The freshest possible food for maximum flavor (our Farm to Fork approach)
  • The most creative buffet displays
  • The most courteous servers and chefs
  • The best possible impression on your guests or clients
  • We exceed expectations every day

Food is important, but the presentation and friendliness of the staff are of utmost importance to us as well. We will create a buffet table your guests will remember forever or provide a stunning plated dish, with a smile. Events include, but are not limited to, corporate catering, festival food vending, weddings, wedding rehearsals, family functions, and catering for large group events of up to 1,000 people. For formal event catering, we offer an extravagant plated service with high-end ingredients.

Palo Alto Corporate Catering for Lunch and Dinner Events

For Palo Alto corporate catering needs, Handheld Catering will provide your clients with the freshest food and it’s our goal to have your customers be impressed with your business. With our Farm-to-Fork approach, where we minimize commercial processing, you can rest assured that your clients will have a most delicious experience.

Want an edible creation at your business event, our food artisans will create it!

We can provide a business lunch for 50 at the office or cater your corporate celebration for the entire company of 1000, our services are scalable and customizable. Your event, our approach to food and our expertise equals a perfect event for your clients and business partners that will delight their taste buds.

Having previously served some of the Silicon Valley’s most successful tech companies our chefs understand the demands and needs of a fast paced environment where your clients network. Have customers from different parts of the world with different food needs and likes? Our chefs will make menu adjustments accordingly.

Serving a buffet for many, or a box lunch for a quick refresh during a long business negotiation, we can provide that needed recharging break.

Palo Alto deliciousness served at our favorite University In Palo Alto.
Duet of marinated grilled lamb and vegetable kebabs with grilled prawns

stanford corporate catering

For Your Special Day Palo Alto Wedding Catering

Palo Alto Wedding Caterer serving Cuban Chicken Tostaditas
Cuban Chicken Tostaditas with Salsa and Avocado

As you prepare for your special day, whether this is the wedding ceremony dinner or the rehearsal dinner, we will take the stress of food and catering away from you. The only thing left to potentially worry about is the dress or tuxedo / suit you are going to wear!

Our coordinator will stay in touch with you to take care of all the details. No need for you to worry about a thing! Have a quick question? Send our coordinator a text and she will answer right back! Palo Alto, being the “Birthplace of the Silicon Valley,” enjoys the benefits of the city’s 31-mile dark fiber ring for ultra-fast Internet access, so connecting with us is no problem!

Want something custom, a buffet table arrangement you have seen on Pinterest or Facebook or any other online source? Send us a picture and we will work with you to incorporate this in your theme to make your special day unique. Whether your wedding is small or large, casual or formal we will work with you to fill in all the details to make a fantastic memorable day.

Palo Alto Event Catering and Festival Catering

Handheld catering can provide catering for the many festivals in and around Palo Alto, from the California Roots, the Sand City Festival to the Brews and Blues Festival, we can provide your festival participants with the best, freshest foods available. Our mantra being “fresh is best” is sure to delight the crowds. They will see and taste the difference! From feeding the crowds to the backstage VIP event, we have you covered.

Call Handheld Catering in Palo Alto California today at 408-692-4782 to schedule an appointment to discuss your upcoming event and how we can assist you in making your dreams a reality.

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