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At Handheld Catering, we’re thrilled to offer corporate event planning and catering services to Silicon Valley businesses and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area. We know a great meal can be critical to making a great impression on professional colleagues and VIP guests, and we’re here to make it happen. Whether it’s a formal awards dinner or a lunchtime brainstorming session, we’ll craft a meal perfectly suited to your professional needs and your taste buds.

What sets Handheld Catering apart for business event catering is our farm-to-fork approach and emphasis on hand-crafted and wholesome food. Our ingredients are locally sourced, lovingly raised and carefully selected from farmers’ markets. We can also prepare your food on-site at your corporate event for a delicious and truly fresh dining experience. 

On request, we can build a pop up kitchen at your event venue and stay tucked out of sight, so the only hint of our bustling kitchen will be the food on your plate, our attentive service staff, and maybe a delicious whiff of what’s next on the menu.

At Handheld Catering, we know that great food is only one part of a successful corporate event — it’s the little things that count. Delicious, farm-to-fork and fresh-made eats are our specialty, but our tastes are refined in more ways than one: we can also help you cultivate an atmosphere perfect for strengthening professional relationships and building new ones. Our event coordinator will take the stress of corporate event planning off your shoulders and craft every detail with finesse to create an event that will leave a lasting impression on colleagues and guests alike.

When it comes to corporate event planning and catering, you want a company with professional standards every bit as high as your own. At Handheld Catering, we’re committed to excellence on every level. We’re proud to serve some of the greatest minds in the Bay Area’s bustling tech industry and the local business community at large. We wouldn’t presume to take credit for anyone else’s professional successes, but hey — food is fuel.

We’ll cover the food, the service, and the vibe. The only missing ingredient is your business savvy. If you’re located in San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Sunnyvale or the surrounding Bay Area, call Handheld Catering at (408)692-4782 for your next big corporate event catering need.

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