How Long in Advance Should You Look into Wedding Catering?

When to Start Searching “Catering Services Near Me”

There are many steps to the wedding planning process. Selecting the perfect wedding catering service is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your wedding day is just what you want. After reserving a reception venue, it is wise to book and begin looking into wedding catering almost immediately.

Timing is everything

Booking a wedding caterer 6 to 8 months in advance of your big day is an ideal timeframe. You may also need a few months to find the right wedding caterer for your needs. However, don’t panic if your wedding schedule has a shorter lead time. Just do your research, tastings and bookings as far in advance as possible. The wedding caterer you choose can help you with the proper timing on your appointments. 

How to find a wedding catering near me

Don’t worry if you don’t currently know a wedding caterer in your area. Finding a wedding caterer might be easier than you think. There are several easy ways to locate a reputable wedding caterer. You can start by reaching out to friends and family for ideas and suggestions, or you can search the internet. For example, ask your friends and family, “Can you recommend wedding catering near me?” or “Do you know of any food catering near me?” You can also scour the internet with specific search words and phrases, such as “wedding catering east bay area” or “catering services near me.”

Wedding day ease

There are many important reasons wedding caterers are the first vendor to contact after locking in a venue. Your caterer can often provide a before-wedding tasting to help you choose dishes you like. Plus, they can serve them in the style of your choice. Wedding caterers can ensure your reception runs smoothly, from beginning to end. They often do so much more than provide mouth-watering appetizers to delicious cocktails. Some full-service wedding caters can help with lighting and ambiance, china, flatware and glassware options, dessert table ideas, seating table and venue layout. They may also give outside vendor referrals and event and buffet signage options. They will help you create an overall look and feel for a wedding day that you will never forget. 

We Offer East Bay Area Wedding Catering

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