7 Ideas for Stunning Spring Wedding Catering

There’s something sweet and unique about a wedding in the springtime. The trees are budding, and the flowers are plenty. The sun shines longer, and everything appears fresh and new. If you are keen on having a spring wedding this year, this is the perfect time to start thinking of how your catering menu will look. If you picked this date because of your love for this season, you should go all out and include seasonal flavorings and dishes on your menu.

Spring Wedding Catering Ideas

In this post, we share 7 menu ideas for a spring wedding.

1. Add a pop of color to the buffet table with spring flowers

Make use of seasonal blooms such as tulips, daffodils, lilacs, hydrangeas, magnolia, and wisteria to add life to the buffet table. Using seasonal flowers will also be easy on your budget.

2. Use ice buckets to display your non-alcoholic drinks

Displaying your canned or bottled soft drinks in a decorated ice bucket adds to your wedding décor and gives your guests easy access to the drinks.

3. Consider including some seafood

Skip the heavy foods associated with winter and serve some seafood such as smoked salmon served with season-appropriate foods. These may include lemon slices, dark bread, and chopped onion alongside cucumber dill sauce.

4. Add pastel details

From pastel-colored cake icing to candy and colored linens, nothing competes with pastel colors when it comes to setting and adding to the springtime mood at a wedding.

5. Add a colorful sweet station

Having a candy buffet or a sweet bar next to the wedding cake creates the ultimate dessert table. Filling large jars with candy provides you with a cohesive look.

6. Personalize your wedding with spring cocktails

The warm spring weather makes personalized cocktails perfect refreshments. You can choose to serve the traditional lemonade or have a host of flavors such as raspberry or strawberry.

7. Serve the dessert from a sundae bar

Adding a sundae bar is bound to add to your wedding’s pomp. Serve such things as doughnuts, ice cream, marshmallows, or even caramel-dipped apples, all of which are season-appropriate.

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