Fall Wedding Catering Ideas

Couples are scheduling lots of Fall weddings in the Bay Area. Plus, pandemic constraints have eased as of June 15, which is accelerating the urge to gather in person and celebrate. So wedding planning is in full swing again!

So we are busy putting together menu and décor ideas for a number of clients. We hold tastings for clients to get them involved in the process, and those have been a lot of fun, too, as people get comfortable meeting in person. To give you a taste for how you could craft an autumn menu, let’s explore a sampling of wedding reception menu ideas for a Fall celebration.

Think Seasonal Flavors for a Wedding Reception Menu

Fall is harvest season! So it has some wonderful flavors at their peak freshness. This could be pumpkins, apples, potatoes, pears or cranberries. As a proponent of farm-to-fork freshness and organic produce, Handheld Catering has always fostered close relationships with local farmers and businesses, so we can gather a wide range of ingredients to offer clients an incredible range of choices to meet the diverse needs of their guests, whether that be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or specific allergies to accommodate.

Fall is a time when the cuisine we select moves from lighter summer fair to heartier autumn recipes. Beverages, for instance, might include hot cider, apple sangria or hot chocolate, especially for an evening event. We might also focus on sweet and savory flavors for appetizers, such as our vegetarian “dream” galette or cranberry-and-brie bites.

Talk to your party catering team at Handheld Catering for more ideas that will please your guests. We have experience catering wedding receptions during any season, so we’ll help you plan a menu that fits your personality and style.

Craft a Heartier Wedding Reception Menu

Fall foods are hearty and comforting. Clients may add a soup like our butternut squash soup, along with a seasonal salad. Good vegetarian options could include a pumpkin ravioli or a mushroom risotto.Braised short ribs or chicken marsala would be nice options for meat-eating guests. Roasted root vegetables, potatoes, beets and carrots are in season, healthy and tasty and paired nicely with a roasted pork dish.

Capture Harvest Scents With Spices

If you’re planning a Bay Area Fall Wedding, we can embrace the season by using a wide range of spices we might not employ with summer produce. Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are great complements to fall dishes, both sweet and savory. Clients have a pumpkin spice drink to their menu, for instance. We can take you through hundreds of options for warm, satisfying foods that your guests will love at your Fall event.

Your dessert menu could include s’mores, donuts, mini-pecan or pumpkin pies, or a spice cake.

Fall Wedding Planning Includes Harvest-Themed Reception Menus

Talk to our event planners for even more ideas on how to craft a fall wedding menu. Our philosophy is to turn simple flavors into extraordinary experiences. We believe in supporting local farms and purveyors for farm-fresh tastes. You can count on us to cater your wedding or family milestone event with a curated menu that guests will find spectacular on your special day.