Five Fun Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Wondering what to serve at your winter wedding reception? Fortunately, winter wedding menu ideas abound! Many dishes fit well into a winter reception menu because you can choose heartier foods that reflect the season. Bay Area winter weather remains mild, so we find that a mix of light and hearty dishes work very well. San Jose area caterers like Handheld Catering understand our local seasons and the produce that season offers. We can help you create the menu that will wow your guests while staying within your budget.

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas to Please Your Guests

Here are five fun winter wedding menu ideas that serve as great crowd pleasers:

Hot Chocolate Bar

A classic hot chocolate drink would quickly engage your guests on a cool winter evening. Serve white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate versions with all kinds of toppings and add-ins. Add a bartender to serve up raspberry liqueur or peppermint schnapps with your warm drinks.

Mini Soup Appetizers

The appetizer course sets the stage for the rest of the meal. Go with warm and comforting soups in mini-cups (we call them Soup Sips) to let your guests try a bunch of flavors. A creamy tomato soup or a hearty vegan squash soup warms the insides, but when served in small cups, the soup course won’t fill up your guests before the entrees arrive!

Handheld Soup Sips winter wedding menu ideas

Make Brunch Your Wedding Meal

Host an early morning wedding and have brunch at your reception. Who doesn’t enjoy pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs? Or get really creative with a dinner reception with your favorite pastries, egg dishes and mini-waffles. Make sure to get lots of different savory toppings as well as the traditional sweet syrups for variety and fun. One very popular Handheld Catering appetizer is our Beef Wellington pot pie, for instance.

Indulgent Entrees

Winter weddings are perfect for stunning entrees that would feel too much if they were served in the summer. A beef or lamb roast carved by a server, paired with a potato bar, makes a great meal for any reception. Go with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries and even tater tots for a different take on the regular potato bar. If you love pasta, make it a pasta bar with ravioli, penne, linguini and all types of sauces. And, by offering a mix of dishes, guests with any dietary preference can enjoy their dining experience.

Hot Desserts

The wedding cake might be the centerpiece, but guests also like non-traditional wedding desserts. This is the season to choose warm desserts, an apple crisp, lava cakes, or a warm pudding. Ask your Palo Alto area wedding catering team about flavored whipped creams for a different topping. Guests will love the change of pace from traditional desserts, as well!

Let Handheld Catering Craft a Fabulous Winter Wedding Menu for You

Whether you choose to sit your guests for a plated meal service, or allow them to mingle more casually around a buffet, we have creative menu and serving ideas that will make your winter wedding reception both highly enjoyable and memorable.

Talk to us about all the ideas we have that will craft a great reception menu for your winter wedding. Handheld Catering offers wedding catering services throughout the Bay Area from San Jose and Santa Clara, up through Los Altos and Palo Alto to San Francisco. We pay close attention to the culinary needs and preferences of our couples when crafting our menus. So newlyweds and guests alike can have the dining experience of a lifetime.

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