7 Holiday Wedding Reception Menu Ideas You Will Love

Holiday wedding catering at Handheld Catering is a fun, joyful time. We love crafting a menu and décor that weave in special holiday themes. Together with our couples we create truly memorable events for them and their guests.

Festive Holiday Wedding Catering Menu Ideas

If you are planning a holiday wedding, how should you build a festive wedding reception menu? Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Go With Seasonal Flavors

Gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint are just a few of the flavors of winter. Spice up your wedding catering menu by choosing seasonal foods. Mulled wine and cranberry brie tarts could be a nice opener to the reception.

Offer a Hot Chocolate Bar

Stock the bar with hot chocolate, and even chocolate cocktails, with lots of whipped cream and marshmallows in a variety of flavors. We can already predict the guests’ reaction: YUM!

Entice with DIY S’mores

This is a Handheld Catering specialty! Let your guests make their own s’mores. Give them options like different types of chocolate and more cookies than just graham crackers. It’ll be a great way to let people mingle and talk.

Holiday Wedding S'Mores Catering Station

Serve Comfort Foods

Winter is the perfect season for gourmet mac and cheese recipes, chicken pot pie, and grilled cheese and tomato or squash soup. As Palo Alto wedding caterers, we can help you make your comfort food menu a gourmet experience to reflect well on your wedding while pleasing your guests.

Holiday Wedding Winter Soups

Supplement the Wedding Cake with Holiday Treats

Along with a seasonal wedding cake, serve up classic holiday desserts. Pecan pie, fruitcake, bread pudding, or a Bûche de Noël (a Yule Log Cake) would make wonderful items that guests would enjoy. The holidays are known for being sweet, so take advantage!

Offer a Traditional Holiday Meal

Holiday wedding receptions can be a great way to give your reception a real feeling of family togetherness. What holiday recipes does your family cherish? We can build a menu around them!

Or host a traditional holiday dinner complete with a chef carved turkey or prime rib. We do recommend including vegetarian options among the hearty side dishes.

Mix Up the Green Salad Course

Although it’s traditional to have a lettuce salad with most meals, for holiday wedding catering a more festive collection of ingredients with holiday colors always makes an impression. Our team will make the salad look great and taste good. You’ll still get lots of veggies, but with holiday flair!

The Chefs at Handheld Catering Love Holiday Wedding Menu Planning

A holiday wedding offers us the chance to offer you menu items that really take advantage of this special season. Ask your San Jose wedding caterers about all the ideas we have for transforming your wedding reception into a holiday wonderland.