The Joys of an Intimate Winter Wedding

Spring and summer may be the traditional wedding seasons, but a winter wedding has its own special charm. The pandemic is making it difficult to plan large events, so an intimate wedding ceremony and reception could be the perfect way to tie the knot right now. Here are five reasons to talk to a Bay Area event planner about wedding ideas for a winter date.

Winter Wedding Planning Ideas

Here are just a few of the advantages of throwing an intimate winter wedding this season.

Greater Venue Availability

Micro-weddings are trending due to COVID-19, but winter weddings are still less common. So, you have more venue options to explore in which to hold your event. You will also invite fewer guests, which also expands the range of local venues from which to choose.

You Free Up Your Wedding Budget

A small intimate wedding lowers the stress level both emotionally and financially. Venues may have better rates in winter. And, because you’re not dealing with a huge guest list, you can work with your wedding caterer to create a menu that will truly wow your small gathering while staying on budget.

Micro-Weddings Are More Personal

A large wedding lets you invite more guests, but you don’t really get to connect with many of the guests for more than a few moments. An intimate wedding lets you interact with your closest friends and family at the ceremony and reception.

Winter Wedding Planners Can Handle the Elements

Bay Area winters do come with a chance of rain. But during the pandemic you will want to stage your event outdoors. Working with an experienced event planner will solve that conflict creatively with timing, tents and heaters. Remember, with a small guest list, cozy outdoor events are still well within your budget to stage.

Do Still Hire a Photographer and Videographer

With fewer wedding gigs in winter, a great photographer and videographer may be easier to engage. Guests may be more excited about a winter event because it’s out of the ordinary, so you should end up with a great set of memories to cherish.

How to Throw a Great Winter Wedding

Work with your wedding planner to host an intimate winter wedding. It will be more relaxed because you do not have to work within traditional expectations. Your guests can appreciate the extra small touches you make. And your connection with them will be deeper and more authentic!

Contact Handheld Catering, a Bay Area catering and event planning service, to help you create a special winter micro-wedding that you will always remember as one of the most incredible days of your life!