How to Personalize Your Micro-Wedding

During these Pandemic Days large group gatherings have been put off in favor of micro-events. Events like micro-weddings have caught on because they are an attractive option as more intimate, personal celebrations. A micro-wedding can actually be the perfect way to celebrate love. Indeed, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Where love is there is life.”

So, a micro-wedding can be as wonderful and memorable as a large event. But, success still comes from detailed wedding planning and being creative as you personalize your micro-wedding.

Why are Micro-Weddings Desirable in the Bay Area?

Micro-wedding planning starts with these key reasons that make micro-weddings exciting:

  • Spend more intimate time with loved ones and very close friends.
  • Have an incredible wedding venue that is better suited for a smaller group.
  • Stage an eco-friendly wedding celebration.
  • Have a simpler, less stressful celebration.
  • Focus on quality over quantity.

How to Plan and Personalize Your Micro-Wedding

  • Start with your guest list. Selecting the closest friends and family to invite remains the hardest part of wedding planning. So, prepare this list thoughtfully with your fiancé.
  • Find just the right wedding venue at a place that will be most memorable for the married couple and for all others involved. That could include a boutique restaurant, an art gallery, an intimate beach, a special garden, or a local resort. We have a list of great Bay Area venues like these for smaller parties. Contact us for ideas.
  • Engage your officiant. Discuss how their style can change with a smaller gathering.
  • Hire your photographer. This doesn’t change for micro-weddings. Recording the events and preserving great memories involves planning and staging the photos. Leave those details to a pro!
  • Get creative with all the wedding elements. That can include elaborate wedding invitations, personalized wedding gifts, customized décor, and special or even unique entertainment.
  • Create an attractive menu! Micro-weddings have fewer guests, so you can create an exceptional menu to delight all the participants without a big jump in the budget. Incredible catering guarantees a memorable event!

Work With Handheld Catering for Creative Micro Wedding Catering Services

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