Ways to Match Your Wedding Menu to Your Theme

Tips on Booking Your Wedding Catering in San Jose

It doesn’t matter if your big day is a grand, elegant affair or small and playful. Creating a wedding menu with your general theme in mind is a simple way to make sure your wedding day celebration is memorable in every way. Here are some things to consider after searching “catering near me” on Google and finding the catering company you will work with.

Your theme can act as a guide when selecting food and beverages to serve at your wedding. It can ensure you infuse your reception with personality and style.

Look for Inspiration

Incorporating foods and beverages that you typically like is always a great place to start. When you want even more menu ideas, try exploring different aspects of your overall theme. Is your theme on the more formal side? You may want to choose a sumptuous, full-plate dinner. Does it have a more relaxed theme? A family-style buffet might be just what is needed. 

Set the Mood

When you create a tie between your wedding menu and your theme, you can enhance the day’s mood. So, it is wise to consider the atmosphere you want to achieve. For instance, is your theme romantic and nautical? If yes, then ask your wedding caterer in San Jose, “Do you offer any interesting seafood choices? Can you serve it in a way that enhances the romantic aspect of my theme?” 

Get Clever With Cocktails

There are many ways to go with beverages. Will you have wine and beer? An open bar? Signature cocktails? Or no cocktails at all? Suppose you decide to serve a signature cocktail. In that case, you will find that many classic cocktails are often associated with themes, holidays, events, places,  events and vibes. Look for a cocktail or beverage that somehow complements your wedding theme. For example, margaritas and tequila suggest fiestas and martinis and Manhattans are associated with modern times and mid-century glam. To find a cocktail that suits your theme, ask for recommendations from your caterer, check the internet for “themed wedding cocktails,” or ask your favorite tavern or bartender for ideas. 

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