Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Menu

Tips for Working with Your Wedding Caterer

The menu that you select for your wedding reception is an important factor in the success of the celebration of your special day. You will want to not only supply food for your hungry guests, but ensure that the cuisine will be suitable for the occasion, delicious, fresh, and abundant. Here are some tips that can help you accomplish this with your wedding caterer.

Consider the Basics

Before you add the nuances that will make your reception meal a superlative occasion, calculate the details of what exactly you are working with. This will include, of course, your budget. Before you go further, figure out your monetary limit. You also need at least a fairly close approximation of how many people will be on your guest list so that you have an idea of the amount of food you need to order. If your guest list grows, you may have to economize on how much you spend per plate, but if your finances cover it, you can order more extravagant cuisine.

Get Professional Advice from a Caterer

After you have found the answer to the question, “What is the top wedding caterer near me?” and have booked your caterer, take advantage of their expertise by asking them for planning assistance. Your professional caterer will be able to give you advice about recent wedding food trends, ideas for food stations, and special refinements to suit your situation.

Select Your Style

You may ask, “Can available catering near me accommodate the vision I have for the event?” Caterers offer various serving styles depending on your budget, the level of formality of the occasion, and the predilections of your guests. These include cocktail style spreads that specialize in hors d’oeuvres rather than full meals, family style pass around dishes for smaller groups, self-service buffets, and traditional plated dinners.

Choose a Theme

If your wedding or reception has a theme, you may want a menu to match it. For instance, if you are in a rustic location, you may select simple, family style food. If your setting is more elegant, you may opt for a lavish, full plate dinner. Alternatively, if there is a special feature of your relationship you want to highlight, you can reflect this in your catering choices.

Remember the Details

Making the right cuisine-related decisions can add further thoughtfulness to your catering choices. For example, selecting vegetables and fruits that are in season will bring a quality of freshness to the meal. Try to also keep in mind whether any of your guests have dietary restrictions; you might want to include a note about this on your wedding RSVP card. Finally, be sure to work out the details concerning drinks with your caterers.

Offer Abundance

At a celebration as important as a wedding reception, it’s always best that your guests are fully satisfied. With this in mind, order some backup food for especially hungry guests.

Search Catering Near Me or Give Us a Call

After considering these ideas, you may be wondering, “Is there first class food catering near me that can accomplish all these things?” Contact Handheld Catering, a full service catering company, to meet your wedding menu needs and desires.