How to Cater for Large Crowds

Festival and Corporate Catering

Just because you’re planning a crowded Bay Area affair doesn’t mean you must serve up a “blah” buffet or one-size-fits-all plated meals. There are plenty of fun, creative ways to cater for large crowds. Here are a few of the best event catering styles:

  • Take a page from street festivals to introduce a scrumptious, exotic variety of foods. For instance, you could set up different booths, each one featuring cuisines from other countries. You could even intersperse these stands with activities for kids.
  • Serve communal meals at giant banquet tables to provide a sense of belonging and warmth. Inject some soul into a large corporate event or family gathering. Use lazy Susans with centerpieces to share plates. This is a great idea for bringing employees together at corporate catering events.
  • Deploy the food trucks! The secret is out; food trucks are no longer just for hipsters. Hire a few different trucks to come and park for the duration of the party. Our mobile kitchen not only guarantees your food will be hot and fresh, it’s a great conversation piece and a spectacle to watch!
  • Set up action stations to add some drama. Allow guests to choose the ingredients and sauces for their food. Guests can gather around and watch while chefs cook. Carving stations and stir-fry stations that offer sumptuous delights like noodles/rice, proteins, vegetables, and sauces can be great options.
  • Use traditional restaurant style catering. Offer several menus and bar options. Allow guests to see the chefs in action for an exciting experience.

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