Which of the Top 3 Wedding Catering Styles is Right for Your Reception?

Bay Area Wedding Caterers Weigh Pros and Cons of Wedding Reception Serving Styles

Your wedding should be the most special day of your life – or at least in the top 20 or so! Needless to say, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and you’d like for the gossip about your event to be as positive as possible. Use the information below to determine the best Bay Area wedding catering style for your big day.

1. Buffets

Most wedding caterers offer a range of buffet options, which give guests the freedom to choose which foods they will eat and in what quantity. However, guests will need to wait in line and serve themselves, which is typically not great for a formal setting. This style is great for your budget and for those looking for a fairly casual reception atmosphere and frees guests up to dance and mingle more readily than a plated dinner does.

2. Food Stations

Different types of food will be spread around the room, and guests can visit different stations throughout the night. This style of catering reduces wait times and provides guests with more freedom. You can also feature cultural dishes that mean a lot to your family. For instance, maybe your fiancé is from Southern India, so one food station could offer relevant dishes, like dosa, thali, vada and idli while another station could provide american foods for guests who may not enjoy Indian cuisine. Food stations offer more versatility in your food choices as well as providing a little more excitement for your guests who will get to explore separate areas with varied types of food. There are lots of great ideas for unique and specific food stations circulating and your options are endless with this choice.

3. Plated Dinners

Plated dinner catering allows guests to remain in their seats while the catering company staff serves them. Guests can typically choose between two or three main dishes, but portions are predetermined. Although this option eliminates the need for guests to wait in line or serve themselves, it also takes away guests’ freedom to choose their portion sizes and limits choices for guests. Depending on your choices, plated dinners can be more or less costly than food stations and buffets. Reducing choice means less time and effort is devoted to cooking lots of different dishes, while at the same time more service staff is required to serve guests.


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