Wedding Catering: Brunch to After Dinner Drinks, Entertain Smart And Save

4 Tips for Palo Alto Wedding Catering Services that Won’t Break the Bank

Whether your boyfriend of several years just proposed – and you’re still giddy about planning your life in Palo Alto together – or you have found yourself suddenly daunted by the cost and complexity of wedding catering, you’d like insight into how to ensure that your guests will have an amazing time without putting the two of you into debt. Here are some ideas:

1. Eschew traditional meals.

Rather than have an expensive wedding dinner and dessert, for instance, consider having an early morning affair. A wedding brunch in Palo Alto can be delicious and festive, and you can generally feed more people for less. Conversely, if you’re night owls and you have a young crowd, save your money for late night action, such as amazing drinks and a coffee/dessert bar.

2. Find small fixes to get your average per guest cost down.

A recent Time magazine article said that “the average bride and groom fork over $66 per guest on food and drinks alone.” Event catering services tend to make their biggest and easiest money on liquor, beer, and wine.

Consider bringing your own liquor if possible. Rather than paying a marked up price, you can buy wholesale. Or create a signature cocktail that’s fun, delicious, and inexpensive.

3. Invite fewer guests.

If you can’t shave costs down, no matter what you do, whittle down the list. That can seem a little sad, but a more intimate wedding can allow you to do more things on a smaller budget.

4. Get help thinking outside the box.

When planning a wedding, you may enter into it with certain preconceived ideas about what needs to happen, why, and how. It might be useful to get independent insight into your plan to explore better ways of shaving costs. Experienced event caterers have worked with clients on tight budgets before and can provide helpful ideas for ways to cut costs without making compromises that you may regret.

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