Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Handy Catering Tips for Planning Alcohol for Your Wedding

Stocking the Bar for a Bay Area Catering Event

When you’re planning an event knowing your family, friends, and other guests helps provide some ideas about how much they’re likely to drink and what sorts of drinks are going to be popular. But there is more to planning drinks for wedding catering than choosing wine, beer and spirits if you want the event to be original, tasteful, and fun for everyone.

1. Talk to your Bay Area caterers.

Depending on where your wedding will be as well as the level of sophistication of the drinks you want to provide, your Bay Area caterers may be able to provide alcohol directly; or you may have to purchase it from the venue or even bring it in yourself. No matter what your plan, getting details straight with service staff and deciding whether you will require a dedicated bar keep will help ensure that great drinks are readily available to your guests.

2. Decide when and how you will serve alcohol.

Will you serve alcohol throughout your reception or only during certain hours? Will you provide free liquor all night long, or will your guests pay for drinks? Will your catering company operate a bar in the corner of the room, or will servers distribute the drinks on trays? Will you also serve coffee and tea at the end of the evening to caffeinate the crowd and keep everyone partying late into the night? The clearer your vision, the easier it will be to develop fun and workable plans.

3. Create your drink menu.

Offer a limited selection of drinks, allow guests to order whatever they desire, or create a special cocktail that distills the spirit (so to speak) of your relationship. As you develop the menu, consider how the food will be paired with champagne, wines, liquor, mixers and beer. Share your drink menu – and general alcohol plan – with the catering company well in advance so the team can prepare accordingly.

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