Express Your Unique Style with Bay Area Wedding Catering

Top Food Trends Seen in Wedding Catering

The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for setting trends in style and food. As wedding caterers watch as knots are tied from San Jose to San Francisco the only constant is unique selection of food and beverages. As you plan your own, uniquely you, wedding catering we hope that you’ll be inspired by some of the trends we see emerging. Recognize what you love, make your day personal, and plan a memorable feast for your friends and family. 

Comfort Foods

Showcase your favorite food and drinks at the reception. It doesn’t matter what meals you and your fiancé enjoy; a great wedding caterer should be able to find creative ways to add style to the presentation. For instance:

  • Serve burgers and fries wrapped in monogrammed napkins.
  • Give your guests the perfect bite of a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup shooter.
  • Skewer a meatball, add a little spaghetti and dipping sauce, and your guests will love it.
  • Serve drinks that you enjoy, or create a signature drink for your big day.

Eat and Drink Local

Create a menu using local seasonal foods. Your guests will love the fresh flavors, and the meal can offer healthy options. Pair the local foods with area wines and beers to keep things native. (Napa and the Russian River Valley are nearby for a reason!) Great wedding catering companies should already have connections in the local food and drink community, and they can help you source the best wines and delicacies at a reasonable price.

Non-Traditional Desserts

Think outside the cake box! Why not offer your guests a gourmet selection of pies, donuts, or crepes? Or here’s an idea that everyone’s inner child will cheer: set up a sundae or milkshake bar, and let your guests make their own creations. Rather than cutting the first slice of cake, you can enjoy the first bite of a salted caramel ice cream sundae.


Keep your guests energized through the long night of dancing and celebration with a late night snack service. Offerings might include mini burgers, popcorn or cookies.

Plan Your Dream Menu with Our Bay Area Wedding Caterers

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