How to Host a Great Catered Fundraising Dinner

Event Catering for Political Campaign Fundraisers and Charities You care enough about a cause to go through the time, energy and hassle to hold a  fundraiser for it. You want others to share your passion and open their pocketbooks so that the mission can enjoy much needed funding. Catering dinners for charities or political campaigns is no small task. But it can be done effectively, and you can create a memorable, inspiring event, provided you follow a few ground rules: 1. Issue appropriate invitations. When hosting a fundraising dinner, send formal invitations to guests that include all of the details for the private event, as well as the RSVP deadline. Avoid invitations that are too colorful or flashy. Can you do everything online? It depends. But if you’re looking to make a powerful impression that you mean business, a more formal card through the mail is probably the way to go. 2. Choose the right Bay Area catering company. Do not leave the food up to chance or up to a company that’s just getting started doing this work. To wow your guests, your dinner must be both tasty and elegant. The best catering businesses that have experience hosting formal fundraising dinners can walk you...

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Show your employees you care this holiday season

Unique Catered Company Holiday Party Ideas

Create an Event that your Employees will Remember for Years to Come [caption id="attachment_22180" align="alignleft" width="300"] Pink peppercorn crusted Halibut topped with a mango micro green salad over a coconut sticky rice cake, saffron cream sauce, & chive oil[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22181" align="alignright" width="300"] Pan-seared prime ribeye over a Kobacha squash puree, seasonal butter braised vegetables, roasted heirloom potatoes, Buerre Blanc sauce, & balsamic reduction[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22198" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sous Vide farm fresh asparagus & egg yolk with black truffles & a micro green salad with fried leeks[/caption]   Hosting a company holiday party with the help of a Bay Area corporate catering company shows your staff how much you appreciate them. Here are three powerful and underutilized ideas to make your party memorable and fun, inspire better performance and get 2016 off to a winning start.  1. Set up a fun gift exchange. Get all of your employees involved in the festivities. Structure it like a Secret Santa, or make things even more interesting with a Yankee Swap/White Elephant exchange. Appoint one person to do the hard, unforgiving work of collecting everyone’s gift choices via email and pairing people off. Cater the gift exchange with Secret Santa themed noshes, like reindeer shaped cookies or peppermint chocolates. 2. Choose...

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Winter Holiday Party Ideas

Whether it’s Corporate Catering or a Potluck, Make Your People Feel Appreciated During the Winter Holidays

Here are a Few Different Ways You Can Bring your Company Together This Holiday Season The winter holidays are a perfect time to let your employees know how important they are to your company. Here are three tried and tested strategies to make your staff feel appreciated. Dinner or lunch catering. Show your appreciation to your employees by catering a meal close to the holiday. Be sure to choose a day when most people are working and will be able to take a long lunch. As you consider different caterers for the job, look for one that specializes in catering corporate events near the holidays. Potluck. If you cannot afford to hire an event catering company, host a potluck, instead. Each of your employees can bring a favorite dish, which keeps your cost and stress levels low. Meal sign-ups. If you want to host a lunch or dinner, but you'd rather not take on all of the responsibility, provide the main dish and ask your employees to sign up for different sides and desserts. This approach ensures that you will have everything you need for the meal without going over budget. Looking for more advice from a Professional Catering Company? Giving back to your team by honoring them can facilitate a...

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Event Catering Bay Area Tailgate

Tailgating Done Right: Planning a Party for Football Fans

Make the Handoff this Season: Catering Lets You Enjoy Your Party as Much as Your Guests The San Francisco 49ers have seen it all over the past several years, witnessing the stunning emergence of Colin Kaepernick at QB, a championship bid in 2012 dashed by the Baltimore Ravens, and the loss of Coach Harbaugh to Michigan last year after a lackluster team performance. All this action and anticipation has meant that Bay Area fans have had plenty of reasons to tailgate. To that end, here are three tips to help you plan a game party no one will forget. 1. Prepare the space. During the game, your guests will need plenty of seating. You will also need tables for food, plates and utensils. If you will be hiring a catering company, ask them how much space they need before you begin preparing the room. Once your tables and chairs are in place, use ribbons, streamers and balloons to make the atmosphere more festive. A wall graphic of 2 of your favorite player(s) can flank your screen or greet your guests as they enter your property, and it never hurts to have a football or 2 on hand half-time fun or for a family atmosphere where...

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Planning for Dietary Restrictions with Bay Area Event Catering

Bay Area Event Catering Helps Your Guests Avoid Adverse Reactions Whether you are hosting a wedding, a graduation or a Bar Mitzvah, the food you serve plays a huge role in your guests' enjoyment of the event. Thus, if one or more of your guests suffer from a food allergy or adheres to a special diet, you need an event catering company that can accommodate those requirements and simultaneously please everyone who walks through the door. A Wide Variety of Food Allergies can Make Planning Difficult More and more people are going gluten free. Some may have slight sensitivities which can cause discomfort while others may experience severe distress or medical issues due to accidental consumption. In addition to the growing gluten-free trend, allergies to nuts, certain legumes, berries, citrus, dairy, and eggs can cause anything from annoyance to life-threatening reactions in extreme cases. It is important to know your guests and understand their dietary restrictions to prevent issues. As you plan your event catering it may be wise to include an area on your RSVPs for guests to include special dietary requirements. Inexperienced Caterers Put Guests at Risk Inexperienced or untrained caterers sometimes misunderstand special requests, including allergy issues. For example, an untrained caterer may not realize that allergens can transfer...

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How to Pick Fresh Fruit & Veggies at a Farmer’s Market

The Benefits of Using Local Produce When Catering Events  Our commitment to using locally grown food enables us to provide nutritious and delicious results when event catering in the Bay Area and surrounding neighborhoods. Thanks to the many farmer’s markets across the region, every meal we prepare offers a fresh and unique appeal that is specific to great California cuisine. For large parties that require corporate catering in the Bay Area, our chef makes multiple stops to the farmer’s market so that the quality of food remains high, and does not take on a “commercialized” taste. While we are trained to know what to look for when selecting food at a farmer’s market, more often than not, people go to the farmer’s market unaware of the best things to purchase and avoid. We have put together a short, comprehensive list so you can know exactly to look for (and avoid) the next time you visit the local farmer’s market: Bell Peppers Surprisingly, green bell peppers have as many antioxidants as their red and yellow siblings, but tend to be cheaper. Why not “go green,” and save a few extra dollars? Your pocket-book will thank you, and you’ll still enjoy almost an equal amount of nutritional...

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Handheld Catering: Now A Member of the International Caterers Association

The Best Catering Gets Even Better At Handheld Catering, we're committed to providing the best catering services for our clients. To underscore that commitment, we've become a member of the International Caterers Association (ICA). The ICA is the premier catering association dedicated to the highest standards in professionalism and excellence. Membership in the ICA is one more way we can help our clients feel confident in our ability to serve their needs, both at the table and behind the scenes. Of course, the other way is by providing superior event catering that offers amazing food and top-notch customer service, so your guests feel pampered and your event feels as special and memorable as you'd hoped. We use only the freshest produce and cook it on site with our mobile kitchen, so the taste is beyond compare. Plus, our event coordinator can handle all the time-consuming, behind-the scenes issues, so all you have to do is enjoy. Plan Your Next Bay Area Event With Us! From wedding catering to business events to birthdays and other special occasions, Handheld Catering offers the broadest array of options as well as expert advice, so you can customize your event without a lot of hassle. Give us a call...

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Bay Area Fresh Seasonal Catering

Benefits of Buying Fresh, Local Produce

Best Bay Area Catering Ingredients Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables offers more than nutritional benefits; it helps stimulate the local economy. Local foods require less processing and shipping time, and they work as a fresh alternative to grocery store produce, which may be weeks old by the time it hits shelves. Read on for more reasons smart shoppers (and catering companies) choose to buy local. Improved Taste Locally grown foods provide the opportunity to taste fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness. Unlike produce shipped from other states (or countries), local foods boast rich, crisp flavors unaffected by pests or decay. Environmentally Friendly Making the decision to buy locally grown decreases your family’s environmental footprint. Since foods grown locally do not require storage, chemical treatments, or long-distance shipping, you reduce the time, money, and resources invested in the process. Supports Local Community Cultivating local produce helps build the community. By buying from local businesses and farmers, consumers and caterers put approximately 300% more money back into the local economy than they do when they purchase imported foodstuffs. Hire the Right Local Event Catering Company A Bay Area catering business committed to using fresh, local products and supporting farmers and growers, Handheld Catering believes food should be served...

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