Planning for Dietary Restrictions with Bay Area Event Catering

Bay Area Event Catering Helps Your Guests Avoid Adverse Reactions

Whether you are hosting a wedding, a graduation or a Bar Mitzvah, the food you serve plays a huge role in your guests’ enjoyment of the event. Thus, if one or more of your guests suffer from a food allergy or adheres to a special diet, you need an event catering company that can accommodate those requirements and simultaneously please everyone who walks through the door.

A Wide Variety of Food Allergies can Make Planning Difficult

More and more people are going gluten free. Some may have slight sensitivities which can cause discomfort while others may experience severe distress or medical issues due to accidental consumption. In addition to the growing gluten-free trend, allergies to nuts, certain legumes, berries, citrus, dairy, and eggs can cause anything from annoyance to life-threatening reactions in extreme cases. It is important to know your guests and understand their dietary restrictions to prevent issues. As you plan your event catering it may be wise to include an area on your RSVPs for guests to include special dietary requirements.

Inexperienced Caterers Put Guests at Risk

Inexperienced or untrained caterers sometimes misunderstand special requests, including allergy issues. For example, an untrained caterer may not realize that allergens can transfer from a shared spoon, mixer, pan or chopping block. Likewise, caterers without experience may not know how to prepare event staples like cake without the use of gluten. The best catering companies, however, have protocols in place for gluten-free, allergen-free, vegetarian and paleo/low carb meals.

Finding and Working with Your Catering Company

If you have special allergy or dietary considerations, discuss this issue with potential caterers before you hire anyone. No one wants their special day interrupted or overshadowed by a Bay Area wedding catering mistake that causes their loved ones to have an allergic reaction. Make sure the caterer you choose understands your needs and can create an outstanding meal that meets them. If you plan to serve foods containing common allergens, label them so allergic guests can avoid a reaction. If guests on your list are diabetic, consider offering controlled or reduced carbohydrate and sugar options, so that they can enjoy the cuisine without having to worry about potential blood sugar spikes.

Trust the Best Catering in the Bay Area

The best catering company in the Bay Area, with an experienced, knowledgeable team, Handheld Catering can create a menu that satisfies everyone on your guest list. Please call (408) 692-4782 or send us a message to discuss your vision for the event, so we can help you make it a reality.