Tailgating Done Right: Planning a Party for Football Fans

Make the Handoff this Season: Catering Lets You Enjoy Your Party as Much as Your Guests

The San Francisco 49ers have seen it all over the past several years, witnessing the stunning emergence of Colin Kaepernick at QB, a championship bid in 2012 dashed by the Baltimore Ravens, and the loss of Coach Harbaugh to Michigan last year after a lackluster team performance. All this action and anticipation has meant that Bay Area fans have had plenty of reasons to tailgate. To that end, here are three tips to help you plan a game party no one will forget.

1. Prepare the space.

During the game, your guests will need plenty of seating. You will also need tables for food, plates and utensils. If you will be hiring a catering company, ask them how much space they need before you begin preparing the room. Once your tables and chairs are in place, use ribbons, streamers and balloons to make the atmosphere more festive. A wall graphic of 2 of your favorite player(s) can flank your screen or greet your guests as they enter your property, and it never hurts to have a football or 2 on hand half-time fun or for a family atmosphere where the kids may want to get outside while the dads watch watch the game.

2. Plan the menu.

Game day staples include pizza, chips, tacos, burgers and anything else portable. However, you aren’t limited to these “traditional” foods. Why not shake it up with some pasta, a sandwich bar or something else unexpected? To simplify things, hire an event catering company. Experienced caterers are likely to have some appropriate foods to suggest that aren’t overly formal but are delicious and easy to snack on throughout the game.

3. Don’t forget the dessert.

After your guests have had their fill of entrees and snacks, they’ll feel like something sweet. The Bay Area’s best catering companies will offer plenty of options, including cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other easy-to-serve items. Be sure to offer sugar free and/or low carb options for any dieters or diabetics.

4. Don’t forget the drinks.

If you’re expecting families to come with children in tow you may want to forgo adult beverages or limit your offerings to beer and wine. On the other hand, if you and your guests are in for an early game and you want to start with cocktails you may want to think about mimosas, screwdrivers, or bloody marys. Of course the options are endless and  you know your crew better than anyone, so be a little creative and look for things you know your guests will enjoy in your catered selections.

Handheld Loves Football Season, Let Us Show You How We Throw a Game Party this Season

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