This Thanksgiving, Give Your Employees Something to be Thankful For

Follow this time-tested recipe to give your staff a truly delicious meal to remember this holiday season…

Thanksgiving is the time to count your blessings. If you have a good staff, let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by surprising them with a Thanksgiving feast. Make it happen with these steps:
1. Find a caterer.
To guarantee that your meal will be delicious, hire a company that specializes in corporate events. Make sure the company has experience with holiday catering and can handle the number of people you need to serve.

2. Set your menu.
Many companies with experience in catered holiday events offer a Thanksgiving menu that includes all of the traditional entrees and sides. However, if you want to shake things up, you can add your own spin with some unexpected fare. In other words, it doesn’t just have to be “a bird, spuds and cranberry sauce” affair. Experiment and get creative. Go ornate, and have turducken. Go vegan, and enjoy quinoa instead of turkey. Or have a cake shaped like your rival company’s logo, so you can smash and devour it together as a team and have some fun with the meal.

3. Create the ambience.
Promote a relaxed but festive atmosphere with some elegant decorations, soft lighting and subtle music.

4. Surprise your staff.
Have a little fun by telling your staff they need to report for a “meeting.” Surprise them with the dinner, and watch their faces light up with joy. Be sure to tell the catering company that the meal is a surprise so that they can help you keep the secret.

Let’s Add some Fun to your next Corporate Event

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