How to Host a Great Catered Fundraising Dinner

Event Catering for Political Campaign Fundraisers and Charities

You care enough about a cause to go through the time, energy and hassle to hold a  fundraiser for it. You want others to share your passion and open their pocketbooks so that the mission can enjoy much needed funding. Catering dinners for charities or political campaigns is no small task. But it can be done effectively, and you can create a memorable, inspiring event, provided you follow a few ground rules:

1. Issue appropriate invitations.

When hosting a fundraising dinner, send formal invitations to guests that include all of the details for the private event, as well as the RSVP deadline. Avoid invitations that are too colorful or flashy. Can you do everything online? It depends. But if you’re looking to make a powerful impression that you mean business, a more formal card through the mail is probably the way to go.

2. Choose the right Bay Area catering company.

Do not leave the food up to chance or up to a company that’s just getting started doing this work. To wow your guests, your dinner must be both tasty and elegant. The best catering businesses that have experience hosting formal fundraising dinners can walk you through the process, step by step, so you don’t have to worry about the details.

3. Select a great venue.

The venue should provide plenty of space for your guests as well as all of the equipment you need. Avoid going overboard with the frills and expenses, however. Decorate with donated materials and the help of others who are interested in supporting the cause, if possible, especially if you’re fundraising for a charity. Donors want to know that you’re serious about investing their funds into what matters – not into entertainment related to the charity.

4. Arrange a seating chart.

Traditionally, assigned seating is recommended for fundraising dinners. Think strategically when creating your seating charts, too! The head table should include the guest of honor, if any, as well as any other high-ranking guests or speakers. Be sure to provide your event catering company with a copy of the seating chart in advance.

Fresh, High Quality Bay Area Event Catering for Fundraisers

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