In-Person Team Building With Social Distancing

With vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out in the Bay Area, companies are turning thoughts to team building activities to get employees re-engaged. But, social distancing guidelines may remain as part of corporate life for another year or more. Event planning needs to account for that.

How to Conduct Team Building In-Person While the Pandemic Tails Off

Getting your team back together is important to your brand’s missions and goals. To move forward post-pandemic, you will need to find creative team building programs that allow you a head start. Here are some ideas for company meetings with social distancing to protect your employees while giving them a chance to rebuild relationships over the next few months.

Create Events That Allow Social Distancing

Social distancing and in-person activities may seem to be inherently at odds with each other, but there are ways to create meaningful connections while still maintaining distance.

  • Stage an outdoor group activity like a bike ride together, or meet up in a park for a hike. Bay Area companies can use boxed meal services or a self-service catered meal to deliver a special treat after the session. Place tables or chairs apart to let people talk without being too close.
  • Run an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. Have team members find items or locations around your office campus or a nearby park. Instead of everyone working together, each employee finds a different item on the list. When everyone comes back together, have a socially distanced lunch provided by a company event catering service. (Handheld Catering is conducting more of these in 2021.) Teams still need to practice collaboration, but can work individually.
  • Host a hybrid movie watch party or video presentation. Not everyone will be ready to attend in-person events. Your company may need to look at how to include some workers remotely for their own safety or comfort level. If you have a large enough room, host an in-person event where people can socially distance, but include a way for virtual employees to attend. Let Handheld Catering and Events provide box lunches to reduce contact between people while still giving people something to talk about and enjoy. Meals can be delivered to local employees at home, too.

Talk to Handheld Catering and Events about Post-Pandemic Team-Building Ideas

Silicon Valley company event planners are already working on creating ideas for team building in a post pandemic world. Work has changed in ways that will survive the crisis. Work meetings will need to adjust and adapt to these new behaviors. We’ve been isolating for a long time, but we quickly can’t just jump back into the old ways. We will have to figure out how to include all workers, no matter where they work. Handheld Catering and Events wants to help your team come together over a great meal to reconnect!