3 Ways Catering Businesses Work With Social Distancing

Catering businesses have been adapting quickly to the “new normal” of the pandemic. Events with hundreds of people have been put off into 2021, so we have been creating new types of engagements to serve small groups of people, and even individuals in Greater San Jose.

Instead of catering a 500-person company event, for instance, we prepare boxed meals for pickup or delivery. For private events, a 200-guest wedding might now be a 20-guest wedding. But our mission has not changed! We serve gourmet food crafted to make each gathering memorable!

Catering is Adapting to Serve Great Meals during the Pandemic

While you can’t predict the future, we are finding ways to help clients stage wonderful events today. And together we are going to come out of this pandemic thriving!

Here are ways you can work with Handheld Catering to entertain either company employees or guests at a private event.

  1. Boxed Meal Services with Delivery and Pickup Options

As a catering company, we are already set up to create a large number of meals efficiently. So we can respond to companies that wish to schedule socially safe employee events of various sizes. This is especially true as some organizations bring employees back to the office part-time. To maximize the value of that in-office time, a shared meal is often a great step.

We have also been working with organizations who employ essential workers who have not been able to work from home. Providing boxed meal services has proven a great way to keep morale up.

  1. Online Ordering

We have added the opportunity for people throughout San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale to enjoy our cuisine via home delivery. We have created special packages for Weekend Brunches, Date Nights and BBQs that proved popular. More creative menu ideas are percolating within the minds of our staff as well. You can browse our online ordering website here, and have a gourmet dinner delivered within 24 hours!

  1. Micro-Event Catering

Even with Bay Area counties slowly reopening, people are gathering again in small groups to celebrate milestones like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Or companies are staging team-based gatherings of 10-20 people at a time to try to keep the collaborative spirit going. These micro-events are now quite the rage in Silicon Valley in particular!

It also heartens us that so many clients postponed their Spring and Summer events rather than cancelling them. They understand that we all will get back to working and mingling socially at some point within the next 12 months. They have plans in place to stage events to “relaunch” their teams, or get their social group back in gear. We look forward to getting all these future events on the schedule!

HandHeld Catering Thrives with Creative New Meal Services

All these new services give us the chance to stay active, create new menus and help people celebrate!

Contact us to explore how we may best serve you as we all look forward to 2020 turning into 2021!