Use Catered Lunches to Re-Engage Work Teams Post-COVID

What’s one thing that brings every employee to the table? A catered meal! Whether it’s a box of delicious, fresh pastries and coffee to start the day, or a sandwich and salad spread in a catered lunch, feeding your team a meal can get everyone excited about meeting back in the office.

If you’re wondering how to use catered meals to re-engage teams, here are some ideas to rebuild relationships and to take your team lunch to the next level.

Have a Themed Catered Lunch to Engage Employees

Bring in a boxed lunch service with a theme for a special occasion, even one you make up! Make it a Taco Tuesday lunch. Or create a savory vegetarian menu for a Meatless Monday. Host a “tailgate party” with a BBQ menu. A Tapas Thursday appetizer lunch would be a nice change of pace from salads or sandwiches. Just make it fun and interesting to get your team involved.

Bring in Entertainment

Food may get your team to the table, but you also have to find a way to get them off their phones or devices. Bring in a special music performance, such as a local high school choir. A stand-up comic could be fun, just make sure that they don’t delve into taboo subjects at work. Bring some quick board games or decks of cards for something else to do once the food is gone. Make it fun. Keep it short. Focus on the food and fun.

Take the Team Lunch Outdoors

Getting outdoors boosts productivity and creativity. Catering team building events outside lets everyone get a new perspective and change of scenery. It feels special without a lot of fanfare. Bring a frisbee and enjoy a bit of exercise in the sun before heading back to the office. Have a backup plan in case it rains, but even on a foggy Bay Area day, getting outside can be a boost to your team.

Offer a Catered Lunch at the Office Every Month

A once-a-month catered lunch can be a great way to increase post-COVID employee engagement. Employees want to have fun at work and build relationships with their colleagues. And, employees love free food!
Handheld Catering makes it easy to plan and serve a lunch at your office. Tell us how many you have to feed and what you want to serve. We handle the details. Contact us for more information.