Why Catered Lunches are Great for Team Building

5 Benefits of San Jose Office Catering

Could your team benefit from some motivation and team building exercises? Start with something simple: a catered office lunch! Believe it or not, a catered lunch can be the perfect platform to forge relationships, build solidarity, and increase progress toward common goals in the workplace. Consider hiring a local and full-service event catering company, with experience in corporate event catering, that will handle everything from the planning of the menu, to decor and flowers, to serving the food and other event details–so you can focus on engaging your team.


Feeding your team farm-to-fork food right in the office can greatly improve productivity. Studies show that creating an engaging and casual environment for your staff to interact can increase how productive they are on the job. Consider San Jose office catering as an investment in a strong bottom-line.


Did you know that catered lunches can also help with employee retention? Reports indicate that nearly half of prospective employees would be influenced to accept a position with a company that offers free and/or catered lunches.


Create a sense of solidarity and unity among your team with an in-office sit-down lunch. People that work side-by-side daily can have casual conversations with one another and build personal relationships. These bonds serve as further initiative to come in and work hard, and work better as a team.


Feeding your team is simply good for morale. Good food is appreciated and shows that you also acknowledge the efforts that your staff makes every day.


Hiring a local San Jose corporate caterer for your lunch event can also establish valuable connections with other businesses. Create a network by hiring an experienced catering company and inviting another businesses you’d like to partner with.

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Your team works hard for you; show them that you appreciate their efforts with catered lunches from Handheld Catering, a San Jose event catering company. Food is a small price to pay for all the benefits that you can garner from catered lunches and meetings. Consider making an extended lunch a monthly or quarterly affair and treat your team to fine food in an uplifting atmosphere. Contact us online today or call (408) 692-4782.