Party Catering Returning to Normal Post-COVID!

People in the Bay Area are coming out of their pandemic shells this month. Party catering, wedding catering and private event planning are already approaching pre-crisis levels, based on the speed with which our order book is filling up!

Some elements of pandemic-era catering protocols will survive for a while. Post-COVID catering services will still provide safety for those who remain cautious. Handheld Catering, a Bay Area Catering service based in Silicon Valley, can help you find creative ways to throw a fun party while safely serving guests in this transitional period.

Party Catering Services Will Offer a Variety of Serving Styles

Before the pandemic, party catering may have revolved around the buffet. The buffet is back, but party and wedding reception catering will still include individual servings. These could be passed appetizers, individual charcuterie boards, plated entrees and even a creatively boxed meal service. Party guests also may stay focused on healthy options that support the immune system. Guests around the Bay Area will continue to seek gluten-free, vegetarian and Vegan menu choices, a trend that predates the pandemic.

Guest Lists May Stay Smaller – Folks Like the Intimacy

Wedding catering services still have couples planning smaller weddings, even if the micro-wedding wave has begun to pass. Sit-down service is popular for weddings. Smaller events make this idea affordable and elegant. When planning for food and beverage stations, we might set up more stations throughout the venue to give guests plenty of room to move around and social distance. We might set up individual servings, so each guest can take one item and move on. The bartender may be back, but pre-prepared drinks passed on trays may also remain as an option.

If you need wedding reception menu ideas, Handheld Catering can help you put together a delightful menu to please a diverse range of dietary preferences.

Event Seating Will Still Take a Bit More Space

Whether a Palo Alto wedding, a San Jose retirement dinner or a San Francisco company gathering, seating arrangement still set people further apart than back in 2019. Venues may be chosen that offer the chance to put more space between tables, for instance. And we may plan for six people at a table rather than the more traditional eight.

Work with Handheld Catering and Events to Stage a Stress-Free Event

Please do not stress over the details when you’re organizing a party! Handheld Catering, a Bay Area catering service, is very aware of the problems with hosting events in these post-COVID times. We have found solutions that make guests feel safe and comfortable while enjoying weddings and other milestone family celebrations. Contact us to get started planning your event!