Party Catering Done Right for Hosts and Guests

The pandemic has changed the way people interact. Even with many communities now loosening guidelines for parties and events, the trend for smaller in-home parties may continue through the summer and autumn. In-home party catering during the pandemic offered hosts more intimate events with more quality time with their guests. People in San Jose and across Silicon Valley have come to enjoy this style of event quite a bit!

And caterers understand how to cater your private party safely, even when preparing the entire menu in your own kitchen! Many of these newly developed safety protocols will also continue as the pandemic fades.

Impress Guests with a Party Catering Service

When you are the host planning a private event, here are some party catering ideas that will make it a success.

Start Event Planning Early

Even in-home catered events take some planning. You want to get an attractive menu with locally sourced food that every guest will enjoy. So, don’t wait until the last minute to find the caterer. Although you may not have an exact guest count when you first start planning, do think about the numbers so you can make sure your Santa Clara caterers can manage your party. Work with your caterer to settle on a budget. This helps you plan more effectively and put a great menu together.

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Handle It Yourself

Good hosts and hostesses know how to delegate. Whether you choose to enlist the help of friends or family or use professional Bay Area caterers such as Handheld Catering, you will want to offer more than just food and drink. Talk to us about any other needs to make your party a bit hit with your guests. This could be tableware, floral arrangements, tents, chairs, linens and décor.

Keep in Contact With Caterers and Other Vendors

Although you may need to schedule your caterers in advance to make sure you get on their schedule, touch base with them regularly before the event to go over your expectations and to make sure nothing has changed. Hosts often also enjoy holding a tasting in advance of the event to explore menu ideas. Staying in touch is just a good way to ensure everything goes smoothly for your event. Keeping up with your caterer’s timeline can help you be more organized, too.

Party Catering for In-Home Events Will Be Popular This Summer and Fall

Micro-events are a great way to celebrate milestones or events. It’s much easier to talk to all your guests when you entertain 10-20 people. You can put more of your budget into great, high-quality, farm-to-fork menu items that everyone will love. If you’re getting ready to mingle more actively with your social group this summer and Fall, let Handheld Catering provide you with a menu that will wow your guests and most of the stress off of you!

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