In-Home Restaurant Experience Catering

The 2020 pandemic changed consumer behavior as the restaurant industry had to shut down, but people still sought great dining experiences. So gourmet meal delivery expanded rapidly to deliver an in-home restaurant experience. We created Handheld-to-Go, as just one example, to deliver a great dining experience right to a family’s home. But, will post-COVID catering trends include catering to the dine-at-home market? Experts expect to see more in-home restaurant experiences from both caterers and restaurants as consumers have warmed to the concept. In other words, the trend may survive post-pandemic.

The Growth of the In-Home Restaurant Experience

The food industry was hit hard in 2020. Bay Area Catering Services that pivoted into delivery services were the ones that survived. Gourmet home meal delivery is one way we pivoted to survive the crisis. Boxed meal delivery and revamping our programs to cater to micro-events were the others. Consumers want to be indulgent when they have a special meal, and many may still not be ready to go out to restaurants for a number of months.
Gourmet meals that offer the same quality of menu you get at a restaurant are popular ways to treat yourselves while still being careful socially. And Bay Area diners don’t always want a simple pizza or burger. They want wonderfully created meals from a Bay Area gourmet meal service that feature global flavors and farm-fresh local ingredients for a great dining experience that is still quick and easy to get on the table.

Gourmet Food To Go

Some food trends we’re seeing in 2021 focus on heritage and culture. At Handheld Catering, we know people want the flavors their family grew up on. Curries, stews and slow-cooked dishes are making a comeback. We believe that restaurants can offer heartwarming, comforting dishes that are interesting and elevated for a restaurant experience at home. Takeout has never been so exciting when you can cater customizable meals for your family and friends.

Enliven a Family Event with a Catered In-Home Restaurant Experience

Catering, once mainly thought of for large groups and special events, is now seen as a choice for all sorts of smaller gatherings and special culinary experiences. Our farm-to-table menu lets you feed your family and friends exciting options, such as Thai Chicken Curry, Lemon Butter Local Bass or Rosemary Tri-Tip. Sautéed spring peas, coconut rice or au gratin potatoes could serve as side dishes. Don’t forget to include a special sweet. We use seasonal, local ingredients, just like you would in your own kitchen. You can enjoy your meals with a restaurant experience in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Handheld Catering delivers in-home restaurant experiences. Contact us to explore creative menu ideas! Your next gourmet meal at home is just a few clicks away.