Use Catering Services to Re-Engage Workers Post-COVID

Although an end to the pandemic seems in sight, remote work will remain as part of office culture. As offices begin to reopen and life settles into a new normal, leaders must ask, “how to re-engage my workers post-COVID?” Slack found that 72% of workers surveyed for their Future Forum research wanted a hybrid model of remote and office work. Catering services may offer a great answer.

Catered Meals and Boxed Meal Service Will Play a Role in Remote Employee Engagement

Work may never be the same, but you still need to build teams and offer rewards to those who work hard. Handheld Catering and Events wants to help your team-building event planners find solutions for in-person and virtual events to keep your remote workers fully engaged with your business.

Bring Everyone Together For a Meeting with Food

Great food entices everyone to come to the office for a meeting! And we can work in combo, too.* Cater the in-office team and offer employee food delivery for remote workers attending virtually. Give them a budget and let them order food to be delivered before the meeting. Everyone gets a meal and is present and fueled for the information you need to share.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Food

Surprise remote workers with a special treat on their work anniversary or birthday, just as you might if they were in the office. Give them a bigger budget to let them order a meal on your business account for a special treat. You motivate your team when you let them know you care. Remote workers need that motivation just as much as your in-office team.

Team-Building Activities

Remote workers won’t be able to go to happy hour on Friday or attend lunches in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring everyone together remotely. Work with our catering team to encourage social interaction with our team-building lunch ideas. Let employees have a virtual party in which you provide catering. Have a trivia contest and let employees order food to be delivered as part of the fun.

Let Handheld Catering Help You Create Fantastic Events for Your Team

Handheld Catering, a Bay Area Corporate Catering and Event Planning Service, wants to partner with you to build your team. Whether you have an in-office team, a fully remote team or a hybrid of the two, food brings people together. Build relationships and encourage a positive work environment. Contact us today to get more ideas for events that will re-engage your team over the next 18 months.

*Handheld Catering and Events delivers meals within the San Francisco Bay Area.