How to Plan an Event in Under a Month

Typically, event planning takes months to strategize and implement. Sometimes however, a situation arises where an event must take place in 30 days or less. What then? The hair on the back of your neck just went up, didn’t it? No worries! With the right planning, many successful events can be carried out within this short amount of time. Here is our list of helpful tips to race you through what will be a well-organized event.   


  1. Create a committee, or committees, to expedite all that needs to be accomplished – phone, email, meet and update progress continually. Delegate where needed.
  2. Set the date – possibly even send out a “Save the Date” card immediately to attract the attention of your guests.
  3. Create an engaging theme or focus – what do you hope your guests “take away” will be?  Why motivation is needed to inspire people to attend?
  4. Decide what your target audience is and work hard to spend your time attracting those people.
  5. Generate a budget to make sure all your costs are covered.
  6. Create a timeline for all deadlines and meetings, so that your coordinated effort is continually pushed forward.
  7. Hold and attend all meetings.
  8. Establish an appropriate location
  9. Create a guest list with all contact information.
  10. Create a vendor list with all contact information.
  11. Acquire sponsors, if needed.
  12. Book entertainment as soon as possible.
  13. Send out final invites.
  14. Execute and update all social media campaigns: email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any websites and/or internet calendars. Make sure to send out a press release to all news stations.
  15. Consider logistics: food, parking, equipment, collateral, speakers.
  16. Arrange for proper equipment: tables, chairs, microphones.
  17. Visit venue for walk-through to make sure all accommodations are set.
  18. Mentally perform a walk through to create a final checklist for day of event.
  19. Create a final list of attendees and turn this in to caterer or food service company.
  20. Arrive early on day of event, set up and enjoy event.


In this day and age, because of our fast-paced environment, last-minute events are held

quite often. The key is to plan, and then use all of your resources and organizational skills, so event arrangements are finalized at least one day before your event, so the last day can be used for any emergencies that arise.

Handheld Catering assists with countless events of this type and is equipped to handle all of your culinary needs. Call us today at (408)692-4782, and let us help you get your event started.

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