How to Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out

You’ve just been asked to plan a corporate event and are both excited and nervous. You hope this event will be so spectacular that it will stand out as one that will be talked about long after it’s over. All you need now is to figure out how to accomplish this.

Look no further.

At Handheld Catering, we’ve participated in countless successful events and have made our list of best practices when it comes to making sure your corporate event stands out as far different from the rest:

Prepare, prepare, prepare – and prepare way ahead of time. Successful corporate events do not just happen and are not “overnight successes.” They take months, and some take even years, to plan, including every single detail, so nothing gets missed in the process and the execution of the event is incredible.

List all major tasks that need to be completed – this list includes, date/time/place, budget, goals, theme, catering needs, entertainment, decorations, mailing list, contracts and photographer, to name just a few. Make sure to have this list approved to make sure you are on the right track.

Make a to-do list and timeline – from the above list, create a list of all the to-do items that need to be accomplished within each major task. Then, enter all task onto a calendar to create deadlines. For instance, under the catering category, list, “Call caterer,” then “select menu,” and so forth. Detail out this list, as much as possible, to avoid overlooking something. Mentally walk through your corporate event, from beginning, middle and end to make sure you haven’t missed anything.  Make sure you allow plenty of time, just in case an emergency arises. A good idea is to establish all dates, and then move them forward one week.

Budget – Know what your budget is, and then stick to it. Go through your list and attach a price to each item, as to what each major task may, or may not, cost. Gather quotes. When you have completed your financial outline, seek approval, to make sure you are in line with what is expected.

Recruit a committee – no one person can carry out a successful event alone, and the beauty of a corporate event is participating in a successful team effort. Get the word out, recruit, hold regular meetings often to update, send out a follow-up email to make sure everyone understands the progress made and what remains to be done. Make sure you are always on schedule for all deadlines, including checking in with the catering service, entertainment, florist and venue. Make sure close communication is always present to orchestrate the event. Your job is to make sure everyone else does their job. Be a resource to them and thank them, often, for their efforts.

Enjoy – through proper organization, your corporate event should be as enjoyable to you as it is to everyone else. Never be so stressed that joy of the experience gets lost. There is always help available for those who show appreciation and teamwork.

Let us help you execute your next corporate event; call Handheld Catering today.

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