Why is February National Wedding Month?

February is National Wedding Month, even though Spring and Summer are more popular seasons for weddings. Why February? It isn’t engagements. You might think that Valentine’s Day would be the holiday with the most proposals. But, Christmas and New Year’s Eve actually see more proposals made. February may earn the designation because it’s when people start planning weddings. The holidays are over. Spring is getting closer. It’s time to interview wedding event planners to make sure you get the date you want.

Are February Weddings Popular?

June, August and September are the most popular months for weddings. But February 14th and February 29th are also popular dates for weddings. This is a big part of why February is National Wedding Month. In Las Vegas, in fact, Valentine’s Day is one of the most favorite days to elope, likely because couples are already in the romantic mood. Boutique or micro-weddings can ease the burden of planning a huge wedding, but you will still want to find a Bay Area catering service to host a reception for your friends and family.

Wedding Trends for Spring 2021

The pandemic has made micro-weddings popular and that trend may last as a wedding planning option. For now, brides and grooms don’t want to put their life on hold. They want to celebrate with those they love. A small, intimate wedding and reception, all planned by a professional wedding catering service, gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful wedding while still respecting current social guidelines.

Sustainability is another popular wedding trend that has been growing over the past few years. Hire vendors who share your values to reduce your carbon footprint. A Santa Clara green business that uses local ingredients and produce in all of its catering work while crafting delicious menus is a way to feel event better about celebrating!

Brides’ magazine reports that backyard weddings will be a popular trend in 2021. During a pandemic when it’s difficult to find a venue open to weddings, your backyard is always open. Choose a San Jose wedding catering company to provide food and embrace the great outdoors for a wedding that will be remembered.

Handheld Catering and Events is here to help you plan your wedding whether it’s during National Wedding Month or any other time of year. We create wonderful wedding menus of modern and classic favorites to set the tone for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. Contact our team to connect to all the resources you need to host a great wedding in 2021.