What Does Farm-to-Fork Mean?

What is ‘Farm-to-Fork’ or ‘Farm-to-Table’?

The conversation around the farm-to-fork concept has gained momentum in recent years. In its infancy, people were convinced that it’s a passing fad given the thriving food stores business. Fast-forward to 2019, more people than ever before appreciate the farm-to-fork concept and the intricate relationship between food quality and handling.

In this post, we discuss the farm-to-fork concept and how it’s reinventing the catering industry:

Why You Want Farm-to-Fork Freshness

Farm-to-fork means that the food on the table is sourced directly from a specific farm without having to go through a distributor or a store. Most traditional restaurants and caterers source their ingredients from all over the country, which means they have to be shipped over long distances. Long-distance shipping and over-handling reduces food quality and nutrition.

On the flip side, farm-to-fork restaurants and caterers source their food from local farms where food is picked at peak freshness bursting with vitamins and flavor. As such, if you are considering hiring a Bay Area wedding catering service provider, insist on farm-to-fork food.

Pros of farm-to-table

The farm-to-fork concept has had a huge impact on the San Jose event catering industry and how restaurants source their food. Here are some of the advantages of farm to fork:

Farm-to-table boosts the local economy and supports farmers

At the heart of farm-to-fork is an intricate relationship between farmers and restaurants. Since restaurants source their food directly from the farmers, the proceeds go directly to the farmers, which in turn fuels the local economy.

Fresher and healthier food

Farm-to-fork food is sourced directly from the farm, which means there is less handling which results in contamination. At Handheld Catering, we are a top Bay Area farm-to-fork catering service provider. We source our food directly from local farmers and inspect it for quality. This guarantees you the freshest and healthiest food for your event.

Farm-to-fork is great for the earth

Farm-to-fork food is great for the earth. For example, the average 18-wheeler truck gets 5 miles per gallon of gas, which means that to transport food over 1,500 miles it will need a whopping 500 gallons of gas, hence more pollution to the environment.

Misuse of the farm-to-table or farm-to-fork phrase

Like every other good thing, people have tried to have variations of the farm-to-table concept. However, note that if the food arrives at a grocery store to be resold, it’s no longer farm-to-table. Farm-to-table is centered on minimal movement, onsite cooking, and freshness.

For the Best Bay Area Farm-to-Fork Catering, Trust Handheld Catering

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