4 Tips for a Fall Wedding

San Jose Catering Company Offers the Best Tips for Autumn Weddings

Fall foliage provides a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos. Also, extreme temperatures and humidity will not be an issue, which is something you will appreciate if you’re holding an outdoor wedding. Our San Jose wedding catering company offers the top four tips for a perfect fall wedding...

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What Does ‘Farm-to-Table’ Really Mean?

Farm-to-Table Food Doesn't Necessarily Mean Organic or Non-GMO Over the past decade, thanks to books like Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories and documentaries like Food Inc. and That Sugar Film, more and more consumers have begun to question where and how their food is grown. In response, the food, event catering and restaurant industries are rushing to evolve to meet this need for “real food” which has come to include farm to table, organic food, and foods free of genetically modified ingredients. The so-called Farm-to-Table movement began with the goal of eliminating as many steps as possible between the farmer and the consumer. However, there are two distinct views as to what Farm-to-Table actually means. Traditional Farm to Table This is the most literal definition of the term. Caterers and restaurants who offer traditional Farm-to-Table meals will: Purchase food that is locally grown, often within a set radius such as 100 or 200 miles. Change their menus with the seasons, since only seasonally available produce is used. Use organic foods as much as possible. (This depends on the chef.) Many of the best catering businesses and restaurants follow this practice. Pragmatic Farm to Table Other chefs are less...

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Understanding the Farm-to-Table Movement

Bay Area Caterers Embrace Farm To Table Perhaps you’ve been hearing the term “farm to table” more often lately, but you’re not sure what it means. Popular restaurants and catering companies in the Bay Area are increasingly using a farm-to-table ethos on their menus, representing a shift towards more sustainable and locally-focused methods of acquiring and preparing food.   Produce, meat, and other ingredients in catered meals often come from all over the world, representing a great deal of transportation costs and diminished food freshness. Companies advertising farm-to-table catering in San Jose indicate they work with local farmers to obtain their ingredients, from fresh vegetables and herbs to luscious fruits to locally (and, often, more humanely) raised livestock. The best catering companies in the Bay Area often obtain as many ingredients from local farmers as they can for many reasons, such as: They want to support the local economy and grow local businesses. Local, seasonal ingredients look and taste better, in addition to retaining more nutrients. They save money that would otherwise have gone towards expensive transportation methods across the country or world. Experience The Best Seasonal Catering In the Bay Area For corporate catering in Silicon Valley, consider choosing a company that showcases local pride and loyalty by...

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