Halloween Event Catering Not Just for Kids

Halloween Corporate Catering Event or A Themed Party at Your Home

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good Halloween party. Whether you’re hosting an office costume contest or a themed party at home for friends, you can always add items to the menu tailored specifically to your adult guests. As you plan your party, we hope you can use some of these ideas to plan an event that your guests will remember.

  • Themes tie everything together. Choose a theme for your party – such as Spooky Spidery Stuff, Back to The 1980’s, or Attractive Zombies in Love — and use it to plan decor, music and food. If you’re working with an event catering company, be sure to clue them in on your theme, so they can prepare the right dishes. (Vodka-spiked peeled grape “eyeballs,” anyone?)
  • Offer a variety of choices to please everyone. If you expect guests of all ages, vary your menu to suit everybody. Most private and corporate catering companies offer some kid-friendly options, such as chicken tenders, along with other choices designed for a more mature palate (e.g. the aforementioned vodka-spiked grape eyeballs or a vampire inspired blood-like beverage). Also consider special food needs and allergies when designing the menu, such as gluten restrictions or nut allergies.
  • Get creative. Have fun with both the names of your dishes as well as the presentation. A gumbo could become a “witches brew” served in a black hat. You could dress up your silverware in costumes as well – turn your forks into tiny brooms. Or you could create centerpieces with dry ice that fulminate and create smog over the table.
  • Recruiting helpers lightens the load. Even if you decide to hire an event or wedding catering company to prepare the food for your party, you will still need plenty of help on the big day. Ask friends or family members to lend a hand with decorations, games and cleanup.

Corporate Catering Halloween Events Gives Employees an Opportunity to Bond and Relax

To plan your spooktastic adults-only Halloween themed party in the Bay Area, call the Handheld Catering team today at (408) 692-4782 for help designing a fall or Halloween themed menu. Handheld Catering provides every type of food from formal wedding catering to party food for a big sporting event viewing party at your home. If you are ready to reserve a date or you have questions please contact us today!