The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Catering with Style

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When planning any type of event, one of your top priorities should always be the catering. The quality of the food, and the catering service your guests receive, plays a major role in the event’s success. In this post, we discuss the dos and don’ts of an executive assistant who’s in charge of planning a perfect event.

The Do’s

1. Get your numbers right

Have a precise number of the guests you will need to cater for. There is nothing worse than having some guests go hungry or going overboard and having to get rid of excess food.

2. Know your budget

The success of your event depends on your ability to plan it properly. Standard event requirements include securing a venue, sound equipment, catering, décor, and so on. You will need to establish what requirements will be unique to your event and prioritize accordingly.

3. Start planning as early as possible

Whether you are planning a seminar, training sessions, a know-your-customer party, or an office party, you will need to start planning as early as possible. List tasks for each day, leading to the event along with favorable outcomes. Sticking to a timetable will help you avoid the last-minute rush.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t ignore your guests’ dietary restrictions

Nowadays, many more people have restrictions on gluten, dairy products, meat, and so forth. Consider asking your guests in advance whether they have any dietary restrictions, and be sure to communicate these needs with your San Jose catering company.

2. Don’t try handling everything yourself

You will achieve more by delegating tasks and enlisting help from others. Service providers such as Handheld Catering are a full-service event catering company. This means that we’ll not only provide food and drink, but also the dishware, drinkware, tents, chairs, and décor.

3. Don’t neglect communication with your vendors

Good communication is critical to the success of your event. The best vendors will be willing to work with you to help you realize the event’s objectives through their experience and expertise. Make sure you keep all your vendors informed of all your expectations and be aware of their progress. Also be sure you follow up with a word of thanks after the event, too.

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