The Do’s and Don’ts of Catering

Event Catering 101

Event catering requires a delicate balance. Cost, décor, food, and support must all work together to ensure seamless execution. Getting the details right is often the deciding factor between success and failure.


  • Talk to your corporate catering team about numbers. Gauging the right numbers ensures guests will receive appropriate, considerate service. Avoid over-estimating; doing so can drain your budget and prevent you from using that money on other catering elements.
  • Create a thoughtful menu. Your food should match the tone of the event and the time of day. Include a variety of options for vegetarians, paleo dieters, low carb/diabetic dieters and those with food allergies.
  • Consider your caterer’s time frame. Venues often require booking in advance of a party for the set up. Always ask your caterer for a timeframe and respect his or her needs for the best results.


  • Surprise your caterer. Even the best catering company will have difficulty accommodating last minute changes, particularly if they require extra time or are complex to execute. Think about how complicated a change will be before making a request.
  • Send out all the food at once. Space out carried appetizers before opening a station or buffet for use. Put desserts out after any heavy appetizers or plated dishes.
  • Be afraid to interact with the caterer. Find your point person, and make your concerns known if something does not appear to be going according to plan. Don’t wait until after the event to make a complaint.

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