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6 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas from San Jose Event Caterers

Full-Service Event Caterer's Tips for a Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

According to a recent news article, only a third of employees enjoy their end of the year holiday party. You can change this narrative by creating an experience that motivates your employees and improves company morale. Planning corporate events aren’t always an easy feat, so our San Jose event planning company offers 6 big tips for a party that they’ll remember for a long time.
1. Decide on a theme
You do not have to go overboard with your party’s theme. You can decide to have twinkling lights with keep things simple and set the mood. Small décor hints go a long way in helping your employees and guests to loosen up and get into the Holiday spirit.
2. Pick the most appropriate time to hold your party

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7 Tips for Organizing a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate Event Catering Tips

Corporations organize events for different reasons: To launch a product or an idea, foster relationships with new and existing customers, show appreciation for employees, or even to hold fundraising. There is a lot that goes into planning a successful corporate event. In this post, we discuss the top seven tips for organizing your next corporate event.
1. Understand the basics
Before delving into the details of the event, know what the event is about and what you aim to achieve when all is said and done. Is it a team building event, fundraiser, networking event, company retreat, or Holiday party? This will help you organize an event with a theme that suits your intended objective.
2. Come up with a list of what will be used
Once you have an idea on what your event is all about, you can decide on decorations, entertainment, food and drinks, transportation, accommodation, and so on. Using a full-service catering company, like Handheld Catering, will help you kill multiple birds with one stone, so to speak. We handle everything from the decor to the food....

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Winter Holiday Party Ideas

Whether it’s Corporate Catering or a Potluck, Make Your People Feel Appreciated During the Winter Holidays

Here are a Few Different Ways You Can Bring your Company Together This Holiday Season The winter holidays are a perfect time to let your employees know how important they are to your company. Here are three tried and tested strategies to make your staff feel appreciated. Dinner or lunch catering. Show your appreciation to your employees by catering a meal close to the holiday. Be sure to choose a day when most people are working and will be able to take a long lunch. As you consider different caterers for the job, look for one that specializes in catering corporate events near the holidays. Potluck. If you cannot afford to hire an event catering company, host a potluck, instead. Each of your employees can bring a favorite dish, which keeps your cost and stress levels low. Meal sign-ups. If you want to host a lunch or dinner, but you'd rather not take on all of the responsibility, provide the main dish and ask your employees to sign up for different sides and desserts. This approach ensures that you will have everything you need for the meal without going over budget. Looking for more advice from a Professional Catering Company? Giving back to your team by honoring them can facilitate a...

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Handheld Catering Assists Bay Area Leaders at Stanford Corporate Catering Event

Fresh, Innovative Thinking Deserves Fresh, Delectable Cuisine The San Francisco Bay Area continues to be a hubspot for innovation, progress and forward thinkers. Recently, we had a chance to serve Palo Alto’s finest leaders at a corporate catering event for the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). Great minds came together to discuss pressing economic trends while enjoying the best catering in the Silicon Valley. The night’s debates and topics of discussion were enriched by the quality customer service and elaborate dinner menu. Guests enjoyed a refreshing first course salad made from mixed greens, sweet pomegranates, dried figs, heirloom cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, dried cranberries and savory balsamic vinaigrette. Following the first course was a decadent entree consisting of fresh succulent shrimp and juicy marinated lamb on a bed of flavorful lemon grass pilaf, evenly braised brussel sprouts and rich saffron cream. The idea of masterminds coming together while enjoying our catering services makes what we do all the more important. We take our food seriously and often undergo extensive planning to deliver quality results. For this event, Chef Ryan spent many days fine tuning the menu with Midori Chun, Handheld’s Director of Operations, in order to keep the menu in-line with SIEPR’s 100 person guest...

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Corporate Catering Sunnyvale

Advantages of Hiring Catering Services for Corporate Events

Corporate Catering in the Bay Area Hosting a successful work event in the Bay Area can be a tall task. You need to bring enough food, serve it, keep the food heated for the event's duration, deal with special diets, and accommodate any number of other special requests. As the number of people attending your event grows, budgeting for food -- and determining the menu – can become increasingly difficult. Hiring a catering company for your corporate event can save you time and shield you against frustration. A corporate catering company can help you put together a sound menu and ensure that it satisfies everyone’s needs (be it vegetarian, vegan, low fat, etc). Caterers have experience dealing with dish variations, and they should be able to develop options for even the most persnickety guests. The best catering companies can also supplement the atmosphere and setting of your party. Intimate, posh dining doesn't benefit from a hamburger and spaghetti spread. Catering companies can take the basics of providing food and bring it into the realm of artistic expression. They can arrange the food and group dishes by smell and appeal to contribute to an upscale aesthetic. Hire the Best Caterers for your Event! Take the stress of food preparation...

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