Benefits of Hiring a Local San Jose Catering Company Near Your Event Location

Location, Location, Location… 5 Reasons this is an Important Factor when Hiring Catering Companies

Catering is the most important aspect of any event or special occasion, albeit the hardest. This is because it’s a multi-faceted task that becomes more complex as you have to meet your guests’ dietary restrictions and tastes. Also, you have to strike a balance between too much food (i.e. food going to waste) and guests going hungry. These are some of the key reasons why most people hire experienced San Jose catering companies for events.

In this post, we explain a few reasons why, in your search, you should look for and choose a catering company local to your event location.

A local caterer is more likely to keep time

A local catering company doesn’t have to travel long distances to deliver their food and services. This means they have more time to get to the venue and set up. A local caterer is better equipped to stay in sync with you to ensure that everything is executed perfectly.

It saves you money

A local caterer is more likely to be less expensive as they don’t have to add transport costs to the catering fee. Also, most local catering companies source their food locally. This means that you will be getting fresh and tastier food options at a lower price point.

It’s easier for you to sample their food before the event

Most catering companies agree to a paid or complimentary tasting event after you’ve agreed on the menu details. This is an opportunity for them to listen to your needs, concerns, and understand your corporate event’s vision. It’s easier for you to attend a tasting event if you are working with a local company.

It promotes the local economy

Engaging a local catering company not only promotes the local economy but also strengthens community ties. Our food is sourced directly from local farmers and Farmers’ Markets, strengthening our bond with suppliers, and allowing us to serve the freshest food available.

A local catering company can provide you with a wider range of food options

Food safety and hygiene are some of the critical factors you should look into while hiring a San Jose corporate catering company. Unfortunately, certain foods cannot be transported over long distances without compromising their quality. This means that a local company is better placed to provide you more food options.

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