The Purpose of Eating Seasonally

Healthy Bay Area Catering Tips

Between searching for the best catering in the Bay Area to throw a grand party for your parent’s 50th anniversary; or exploring wedding catering options to help with your best friend’s upcoming nuptials, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of hype about “seasonal eating.”
What is this trend, exactly? What are the advantages?

Here’s the basic idea: you prepare and eat foods that are appropriate and that grow best during a particular season. In the summer, for instance, snack on sun-ripened fruits like blackberries and cherries. In the fall, use gourds like pumpkin and squash. Etc.

This philosophy may sound somewhat trendy, but we actually evolved to eat this way. In fact, only for the last 150 years (give or take) have we had the luxury to eat “non-seasonally,” because our transportation, refrigeration, and international commerce systems allowed us to defy nature.

But there are some very good reasons to return to a seasonal eating paradigm.
1. You can find the freshest, most flavorful ingredients at great prices.

Let’s say you’re fond of eating local strawberries. You’ll get a better and cheaper selection now than you will in the middle of winter. The foods you eat seasonally will have been freshly plucked from the vine instead of a refrigerated warehouse.
2. Eating seasonally is in line with what our bodies evolved to do.

As paleo diet science shows, when people focus on eating real food at the right times, they tend to eat less, eat healthier, and consume less processed foods and sugar. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables are more nutritious when grown in season as they doesn’t lose any vital nutrients during travel.
3. You will delight your palate with diversity.

It’s frankly boring to eat the same foods, day in and day out. Visit your local farmer’s markets to see the variety of produce that’s available to you. You just might be surprised. By varying the composition of your diet, you’ll also be more likely to get key micro nutrients you need.

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