How to Throw a Micro-Birthday or Intimate Anniversary

The Pandemic has led to an explosion of micro-events. Micro-wedding celebrations, micro-anniversary celebrations, and micro-birthday celebrations. But, milestone celebrations don’t need to be postponed. They simply need to be reimagined on a more intimate scale.

If you have a milestone family event coming up, think creatively. Think smaller, more intimate. For many people who cherish family and friends, smaller is now the new “better.”

Micro-Events foster deeper connections with guests

Create wonderful memories of any kind of private event with a creatively staged gathering that fits within current social distancing mandates. For instance, if you have sixty people you wish to invite, for instance, it might be fun to create three micro-birthday events of 20 people each. With careful planning, the budget could be about the same. And smaller events let you spend more time with each person!

What are the Benefits of a Micro-Event?

A micro-event that aligns with local health guidelines is usually about 20 people. So, the benefits of micro-events for milestone celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are:

  • More personal. More focused on the interests of the guests – More time spent with each guest
  • Less costly with fewer guests, which allows for creative menus that will wow them
  • Less stress
  • More options and flexibility for the choice of venues
  • An opportunity to shift the focus from quantity to quality – Splurge on what matters most and what will be the most memorable for celebrants.

How to Plan a Micro-Birthday or Anniversary in the San Francisco Bay Area

Some general micro-event planning steps are:

  1. Create an overall vision about what the event will look like and feel like. What is the purpose of the event, and who are the celebrants (birthday, anniversary, office celebration, etc.)?
  2. Choose a date and time frame.
  3. Decide on a location that works for the intended guests. This can involve some fun and creative exploration. And, with Autumn Bay Area weather, outdoor venues may work beautifully. Do have a backup plan for rain or smoky conditions.
  4. Purchase and send out invitations. With a smaller group, these can be handwritten for a personal touch!
  5. Spend a lot of time creating the menu. The catering menu should be a “high point” in your micro event planning.
  6. Plan an exciting decorating scheme.
  7. Organize fun activities.
  8. Arrange for great photography (this does not change with event size!)

Choose Handheld Catering and Events to create your memorable milestone celebration

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