Catering Micro Events a Popular Pandemic Response

The COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, impacting healthcare, altering business operations, halting travel and for us, changing how events are staged. “Social distancing” has become the current norm. But humans are “social animals” and gathering is normal and desirable. For savvy caterers, this has been a time of new thinking and reinvention. Two examples are our launch of boxed meal services for groups and companies, and our new home delivery service.

The newest pandemic-driven catering trend is Micro Events. As people come out of shelter-in-place and quarantine, they can safely stage small gatherings again. Micro events, including micro-weddings and micro-team meetings, bring groups of 10 to 20 people together to celebrate a special event or kick-start workplace collaboration.

What are Micro Events and Micro Weddings?

Catering micro events in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area is simply optimizing catering for a small group that is sized to meet current local or state health department requirements. So, instead of inviting hundreds of people to a birthday party, wedding reception, graduation party, fundraiser, neighborhood event, or something else, focus on a smaller group and delight them. Take some of the budget funds that may have been allocated for a larger group attendees and re-direct funds to a special venue and unique food, for example.

Micro weddings allow a celebration of love to occur, just with fewer people participating right now. This way, immediate family members and close friends can share in the love while ensuring that the wedding day is still a day to remember. And, if you want, other people can participate in key parts of the event virtually.

Popular Micro Event Ideas

Here are some popular micro event ideas that may take a small event from simply small to simply spectacular:

  • Hire a small local combo or dueling piano group to add some lively music to the event.
  • Create a truly special menu.
  • Have servers bring uniquely prepared foods and desserts to the tables, and leave them for the diners to open.
  • Create some custom drinks and have them served on tables.
  • Choose a non-traditional venue that will make the gathering unique.
  • Hold the event outside in a memorable place, especially in the Bay Area this Fall.

How to Put on a Micro Event During the Pandemic

  1. Arrange tables and seating for two. Separate the tables.
  2. Use pre-wrapped cutlery.
  3. Serve pre-plated (or boxed) meals and desserts.
  4. Have “safety greeters” whose job is to encourage social distancing, and direct people how to safely serve their own food and drink.

Get Expert Micro Event Services with Handheld Catering

For catering micro events in Silicon Valley, contact Handheld Catering in Santa Clara. Our micro-event services have helped many small groups put on special gatherings in the last month.

We create unparalleled experiences through unique food, beverage, and event services, using safe, sustainable practices and a driven team to exceed all expectations.

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