Seven Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are less traditional than Spring weddings. But there are a lot of great reasons you may wish to hold your wedding when the weather turns cool in the Bay Area! A Palo Alto wedding caterer can help make your special day truly memorable with a great winter-themed menu.

Winter Weddings Have Their Own Dramatic Flair

Here are the seven reasons we find most compelling about planning winter weddings:

Dramatic Winter Color Palettes

Winter is the perfect season to pull out the most vibrant colors. Think how romantic a black and silver color palette would be. Or, pair deep sapphire blue with gold. It’s hard to pull off those dramatic shades in the summer. You can pull out all the color stops with your winter wedding.

Less Competition for Venues

Because winter isn’t as busy a season for weddings, you have a broader range of options for venues. So you can get really creative with space when planning a great winter wedding. You’ll have more options for dates, too. Instead of competing for your favorite, and compromising because your desired venue is booked, you can get your first choice!

Your Guests Won’t Mind Dressing Up

It’s much easier to get your guests to take out their best suits and dresses for winter weddings when they won’t melt under the summer sun. If you want a formal wedding, give your bridal party a break and schedule your nuptials in cooler seasons.

Heartier Food in the Reception

Catering menus for winter weddings include some of the most popular comfort foods, carved roasts, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and lots of roasted vegetable dishes. Your San Jose wedding caterer can transform any locally growth seasonal produce into gourmet selections for your guests.

You can view many of our menu ideas on our Instagram channel.

A Winter Wedding Offers Something Different

The summer wedding season can get busy for guests, with weddings every month. A winter wedding, on the other hand, is a special occasion. Great local wedding caterers can help make your event extra special with hot chocolate bars, winter appetizers, and hearty entrees.

Holiday Decorations Already in Place

The winter season has a unique ambience. Many venues put up their own winter decorations to spruce up their location. This can reduce your stress in decorating. It might even save you a few dollars on your own décor, which you can put toward your menu.

Affordable Travel Accommodations

You may not be traveling, but if your guests are they will appreciate off-season travel discounts and less busy airports. Just make sure you don’t plan your wedding over a popular winter holiday weekend. If you time it carefully, though, and select a destination wedding to a winter spot that doesn’t get a lot of tourists, you may get a lot of special treatment.

Trust Handheld Catering and Events to Craft a Menu to Ensure a Wonderful Winter Wedding

Handheld Catering can help you create a perfect menu for your winter wedding. Contact us to discuss your ideas, schedule a tasting and put our experience and creativity to work!