Seasonal Ideas for Corporate Events

The prospect of corporate events might bring to mind endless to-do lists and long waits on hold with vendors. But if you have the right event planner in your corner, corporate event planning can be a breeze! Take advantage of the year-round beauty of the Bay Area by choosing an event planner who will help you devise your event aesthetic and menu around the season or traditional holidays.  


Creativity means inclusivity. Planning a seasonal corporate event requires a delicate dance between convention and creativity. Not only will out-of-the-box planning make your event stand out, it’ll also make your event more inclusive for guests who might not necessarily be celebrating the holiday your event is… well, celebrating. Not everybody might be into Easter, but everyone can get behind quirky seasonal floral arrangements and a beautifully-presented meal.


Put a twist on traditional seasonal favorites. Choose a catering company that knows what classic dishes guests expect during the holidays so they can subvert and surpass expectations. Traditional dishes with a modern flair means old-school investor and start-up innovator alike will finish their meal satisfied — and hopefully talking. Harness the creative spirit of the Bay Area by reaching out to local corporate event planning company Handheld Catering; they’ll put a spin on traditional menus so old classics taste fresh.


Choose in-season produce and greenery. On a practical level, choosing in-season produce for your meal and in-season greenery for decoration will help you to maximize your budget. But choosing in-season options will also help you weave the spirit of the season seamlessly into your event. A meal utilizing a wide variety of seasonal produce will also widen the color palette of your event decor — as an example, oranges are in season in winter, when the traditional palette is red and green. Unexpected accent colors can add depth and vibrancy to your decor, and you’d better believe your meal can be decoration in and of itself.


For creative approaches to seasonal corporate event planning in the Bay Area, give Handheld Catering a call at (408)692-4782. They’re all about fresh — and forgive the pun, but we mean on all levels. From their priority on locally-sourced, in-season produce to their innovative approach to dining and presentation, they’re the company to hire to get ahead of the corporate event planning curve.


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