The Top Five Entertainment Ideas For This Season

There are certain aspects of large-scale get-togethers that stand the test of time, and remain fan favorites to this very day. No matter how hard your crowd may seem to please, they’ll have a soft spot for these nostalgic party ideas, and everlasting entertainment plans that you can incorporate into your bash today.


  1. Photo Booths


You see old-fashioned photo boots in romantic comedies, or your kids see them nestled somewhere into their cartoons on TV, and it’s for one reason: people can’t let these go, because they’re nostalgic and a blast for everyone. No matter what your age or how many funny faces you want to make, everybody wants to bring home that photo strip as their prime souvenir from any shindig.


  1. DJs


The majority of music that people listen to nowadays is Billboard top 40 hits, which any DJ is going to have in their arsenal. Even if they’re tossing their unique twist on it, guests can request songs, and DJs know how to keep a party moving, even when the vibe dips as the night goes on. Hiring a DJ with a stellar personality is a surefire way to keep your party going, no matter what.


  1. Renaissance-era Performers


You know what never gets old? The arts. Even with all of our digital media, people still sellout theaters for decades on end. We’re not saying to hire Idina Menzel to fly on a broomstick around the room, but live entertainment is always excitable. Professional firebreathers are surefire ways to tantalize your crowd, and even get some gasps, oohs, and ahhs to litter the airspace.


  1. Live Music


Completely different from DJs, live bands can really keep your guests engaged, and provide a personal touch to your party. They’ll be able to connect with the audience in a more personal way. Apart from that, who doesn’t want to see a local musician land a great solo? Stand in shock and awe. More often than not, local musicians are just looking to get their name and sound out there—bonus points for paying them in beer.


  1. Food That Everybody Loves


It’s hard to appease everyone’s palate, which is why you shouldn’t have to stress about it—catering keeps your guests fed, and keeps the ever-persistent joke of, “Is there free food?” alive and well. Even if some of your guests walked into the party just to grab some grub, they’ll be leaving with positive memories, and adding to the thickly settled set of party guests.


No matter what the occasion, these party ideas are certain to keep your guests happy, and the good vibes of the party moving forward. It takes you weeks, or months to plan an entertaining party, but it takes your guests years to stop talking about it. Make our amazing Bay Area event catering one of the things your guests won’t shut up about.

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