The Safety of Our Clients and Guests is Paramount

The Bay Area is changing its collective behavior to stay safe in the face of the current coronavirus pandemic emergency. We have adapted our catering procedures to emulate the social distancing behaviors that health authorities mandate.

How Can Catering Adopt Social Distancing Behaviors?

The staff at Handheld Catering is working closely with clients to plan safe and healthy events they still wish to hold over the next month. Here are steps we take:

  • Continue the high level of hygiene our staff maintains, with frequent hand washing and equipment sterilization, plus the use of sterile gloves and masks
  • Provide food-passing service to avoid food stations and buffets that require self-serving, or serve food boxed so that individuals can handle only their own food
  • Provide multiple hand-washing and hand sanitizer stations for guests, with instructional signage
  • Ask guests to refrain from shaking hands and hugging, greeting people verbally instead
  • Alert guests to stay home if they have any kind of cold or flu symptoms

With careful planning and execution, important events can go on!

We look forward to returning to our normal interpersonal activities within a couple of months. Let us know if you wish to plan ahead for a catered event designed to re-engage and energize your workforce or social group. Best wishes to all for a safe exit from this crisis.